Esther Osborne of Unknown

Although not confirmed, this appears to be the family of Esther Osborn of Brunette who married Kish Caines from Berwick St. Leonard, Wiltshire, England. Sarah Caines, daughter of Kish and Esther, married John Herridge, her second husband. Julia Ann Herridge, daughter of John and Sarah [Caines] Herridge, had an illegitimate child named Arthur Albert Herridge. Arthur Herridge was the father of Henry Herridge, and the grandfather of Fay Herridge.

OSBORNE, Unknown
           [1] Edward Osborne; died before 1857; married Elizabeth [Thornhill?]
           [2] Reuben Osborne;
           [3] Jeremiah Osborne; married Elizabeth Unknown
           [4] John Osborne; married Elizabeth Unknown
           [5] Esther [Ann?] Osborne; perhaps born around 1827; married Kish Caines

      Died: before 1857
      Spouse: Elizabeth [Thornhill?]
      Born: around 1816
      Died: 1902, age 86 at Old Woman’s Cove
      Father: William Thornhill?
      Mother: Ruth ?
           [1] Thomas Osbourne, circa 1843-1927
           [2] Emma Osbourne, baptized 1844 at Burgeo
           [3] Esther Osbourne, born 1848
           [4] William Osbourne, born around 1848
           [5] Sarah Osbourne, born 06 October 1849 at Brunette; died19 March 1865 age 16 at Femme, Fortune Bay
           [6] Jane Osbourne, born around 1852
           [7] Ann Osbourne, born circa 1856
           [8] James Osbourne

(Note: After Edward's death, his widow, Elizabeth, married in 1857 widower William Green. They had three children: Elizabeth, 1857; Edward 'Ned' Robert, 1859; and Reuben, 1863. Edward was probably called after Elizabeth's first husband, Edward Osbourne.)

OSMAN, Reuben
      Born: circa 1821 [died at 76] of Brunette
      Died: 12 April 1897, Lobster Cove, age 76; cause La Grippe; interred Lobster Cove
      Spouse [1]: Mary Unknown
      Born: circa 1835
      Died: 08 May 1901, age 66, at Lobster Cove; cause Consumption; interred at Lobster Cove
           [1] Emma (or Amy) Osman; born 1852/3
           [2] Reuben Osman; born 1854

      Married [2]: 10 October 1860; witnesses Solomon Stone and Ben Keeping
      Spouse: Sarah Stone
      Father: Solomon Stone [1811-23 September 1868]
      Mother: Jane Unknown
           [1] Solomon Osborne; born 1863 at Stone’s Cove or Lobster Cove; died 1881
           [2] John Osborne; born 1866
           [3] Jane Osborne; born 1869
           [4] Edward Osborne; baptized 1871
           [5] Charles Osborne; born 1874, Stone’s Cove

Note: Reuben Osborne moved from Brunette to Lobster Cove sometime before 1871 and was a widower when he married Sarah Stone. Details of his first wife are not known.
- Records at Vital Statistics list Reuben's place of birth as Lobster Cove. It is unclear if this may have been an error, or if his parents had lived at Lobster Cove before going to Brunette.
- The first Osborne recorded at Lobster Cove seems to have been Reuben in 1871, the same year that son Edward was baptized there.
- Death records show Solomon Osborne, son of Reuben and Elizabeth (?), Barrisway Le Platt, died 10 June 1881, at 18 years. A note in the record reads: accidentally shot in leg, amputated. It is unclear if Reuben's second wife may have been Sarah Elizabeth, or if he married a third time.

OSBOURNE, Jeremiah
      Born: of Brunette
      Spouse: Elizabeth Unknown
           [1] Jane Osborne; baptized 1854
           [2] Mary Osborne; baptized 1854

      Born: of Brunette
      Spouse: Elizabeth Unknown
           [1] Ann Osborne; baptized 1854

Note: An Elizabeth J. Osborne, age 66, Church of England faith, died of La Grippe at Lobster Cove on 11 May 1901. This was most likely the wife of John, brother of Reuben, since John was living there in 1898. Elizabeth was interred at Lobster Cove. Born circa 1835, her birth place was also listed as Lobster Cove. Was she born at Lobster Cove or was it recorded that way because the information supplied gave Lobster Cove as her home and therefore was inferred to be her birth place as well?

      Died: before 1872
      Spouse: Kish Caines
      Born: January 1816, Berwick St. Leonard, Wiltshire, England
      Died: between 1894-98, probably at Bay du Nord, Newfoundland
      Father: Jacob Cain Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth Farrant

For details of Kish and Esther's family, see Kish Caines of Jacob.

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