Kish Caines of England & Newfoundland

      Born: January 1816, Berwick St. Leonard, Wiltshire, England
      Died: between 1894-98, probably at Bay du Nord, Newfoundland
      Father: Jacob Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth Farrant
      Spouse [1]: Esther Osborn
      Born: probably Brunette
      Died: probably between 1860 and 1870
           [1] Sarah Caines; 1843
           [2] George Caines; 1845
           [3] Jonas Caines; 1847
           [4] Jacob Caines; circa 1849
           [5] William (Billy) Caines; circa 1855
           [6] Jacob Caines; circa 1856 or 1858
           [7] Elizabeth Cains; circa 1856 or 1858
           [8] John Caines; circa 1855 or 1858

      Spouse [2]: Unknown [Native woman]
           [9] Solomon Caines; between 1859 and 1866
           [10] Cornelius Caines
           [11] Mary ‘Min’ Jane Caines
           [12] Benjamin Caines (?)

      Spouse [3]: Ann (Brown ?)
      Born: circa 1828, Brunette [birthplace recorded on death record]
      Died: 15 September1905, Pool’s Cove, age 77
           [13] Kish Caines; 1872, twin of Julia
           [14] Julia Caines; 1872, twin of Kish, Jr.
           [15] Edward Caines; 1879

- Records show that Kish witnessed two weddings at Fox Island on 09 September 1844, but it is not known if he was living there at the time, or if he was accompanying the clergy on a boat. The family was living there in 1847.
- Esther is thought to have been one of the first known Osborn siblings recorded at Brunette. Their parents and place of origin are not known.
- Although the baptism record states that the first three children were born at Mosquito, the death record for George gives his place of birth as Brunette. The family may have initially lived at Brunette where both Sarah and George may have been born. Mosquito may have been recorded as their place of birth simply because they were living there at the time of baptism. Errors such as this occurred frequently. How long they remained at Mosquito / Fox Island is unknown but they appear to have moved to Rencontre East as early as 1856, where they remained until at least 1879.
- With no baptism record, the correct birth years for many of Kish’s children are difficult to ascertain. This also makes it very hard to determine which of Kish’s wives was their mother.
- It is not entirely certain whether Kish actually had three spouses or if Ann may have been the native woman, and therefore, the mother of the last seven children. Oral history relates that Solomon and his siblings who lived in the Burin-Marystown area knew their mother was a native woman and their father's name was Kish. It does seem likely that Kish had three spouses because the half-native children seem to have had very little contact with, or knowledge of, their half-siblings by their father's first and third wives.

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