Kish Caines, Jr. of Kish

      Born: Rencontre East; baptized 04 August 1872 by W.K. White at Rencontre East
      Father: Kish Caines
      Mother: Ann Unknown
      Married: 01 December 1905, at Poolís Cove, by Hugh J/A. MacDermott; witnesses: Charles Williams and Thomas Marshall
      Spouse: Amelia (Milley) Williams
      Born: 23 June 1883, Poolís Cove
      Father: Job Williams
      Mother: Bridget Burfitt
           [1] Oscar Caines; 1905; died at St. Johnís
           [2] Muriel Caines; 1913; died early, buried at Poolís Cove
           [3] Leslie Caines; 1916
           [4] Clayton Caines; born 17 December 1916, Poolís Cove; died 12 August 1917, of tuberculosis

- Clayton Caines was 1 2/3 years old when he died, indicating he was born circa April 1916, so 17 December 1916 could be the date of his baptism. It is not certain if Leslie and Clayton were twins, or actually the same person.
- Kish, Amelia and Oscar died in a home or hospital at St. Johnís.
- In 1935 Kish and his family were living in their four-room house at Poolís Cove, valued at $200. He was engaged in the cod fishery and had earned only $10 in the previous year. They were known to be one of the poorest families in the community, even though Kish was a hard worker. As he got older, he was unable to work the same and was also losing his vision.
- Local history in Poolís Cove relates that Muriel either married and left home, or left home and then married. There is no trace of her in the 1945 census of the community

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