John Herridge of John

      Born: baptized 15 September 1882
      Died: 25 June 1916, age 34
      Father: John Herridge
      Mother: Sarah (Caines) Baker
      Spouse: Mary Jane Thornhill
      Born: August 1884 at Lobster Cove, Long Harbour, Fortune Bay
           [1] James Herridge, born 1906
           [2] Alison Herridge
           [3] Cecil Herridge, born September 1913 at Lally Cove
           [4] Corella Herridge, born August 1915 at Lally Cove
John and Jane also raised two other children:
           [1] Arthur Albert Herridge, son of Johnís sister Julia Ann (details listed separately)
           [2] John R. Thornhill, foster child; relatiionship, if any, unknown

John Herridge died at sea, on the 'Grand Banks', and the cause of death was recorded as "Effects of eating something poisonous". He was born at Lobster Cove and buried at Crant's Cove. After John died, Mary Jane married Joseph Smith, widower, of Lally Cove, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland. Joseph and Mary Jane had:
           [1] Isabella Smith, born November 1920 at Lally Cove

Note: Mary Jane also became stepmother to Joseph's children, who were now step-siblings of the children from her first marriage. Those still at home in 1921 were:
           [1] John F. Smith, born December 1904 at Lally Cove
           [2] Alamedia Smith, born August 1909 at Lally Cove
           [3] Leo Smith, born December 1913 at Lally Cove; died 19 March 1974 at Fortune
           [4] Phyll M. Smith, born August 1918 at Lally Cove

Note: Phyll is listed as a son and it is known through oral history that Joseph had a son named Phil/Phyll. The spelling in the census record may be incorrect or that may be the way they spelled it. Two of the children of John Herridge and Mary Jane were also living with the family in 1921, Cecil Herridge and Corella Herridge. John and Mary Jane went to Lally Cove to live at some point, but it is not known when. Arthur Herridge, whom they raised, could remember living at Lally Cove before he left home and went to sea.

      Born: circa 1906
      Died: 1985, Little Bay East
      Father: John Herridge
      Mother: Mary Jane Thornhill
      Married: 10 June 1926, Anderson's Cove
      Spouse: Ellen/Ella Thornhill
      Born: October 1906 at Andersonís Cove
      Father: Eli John Thornhill
      Mother: Jane ?
           [1] Wallace Herridge, born circa 1927
           [2] Corella Herridge, 18 August 1930
           [3] Pearl Herridge, born circa 1933
           [4] Howard Herridge, born 1935
           [5] Roy Herridge, born circa 1938
           [6] Janie Herridge, born circa 1940
           [7] Eric Herridge, born circa 1942
           [8] Lucy Herridge, born circa 1944/45
           [9] Carl Herridge
           [10] Joyce Herridge

Note: James Herridge was always known as ďUncle Jim.Ē He was listed as a fisherman in 1935. Ellaís sister, Gertrude Thornhill, was living with the family in 1935. Gertrude was born July 1870. She never married.

      Born: 13 September 1913 at Lally Cove, Fortune Bay
      Died: November 1981 at St. Jacques, Fortune Bay
      Father: John Herridge
      Mother: Mary Jane Thornhill
      Spouse: Velma Matthews
      Born: 04 October 1921 at Grand John, Fortune Bay
      Died: 25 October 2006, aged 87
      Father: Thomas Matthews
      Mother: Alice Tibbo
           [1] Venita Herridge, born 01 January 1945 at Lally Cove

Note: The cause of death for Cecil Herridge was a massive heart attack, which happened while he was driving. Velma died of cancer. Cecil and Velma were living at Andersonís Cove when they adopted Venita, who was the natural child of Cecil. Cecil bought Uncle John Matthews' large two-story house at Anderson's Cove, which he then tore down and rebuilt into a bungalow. When Cecil got a job as Lightkeeper on St. Jacques, working with Hubert Miles, they moved.

      Born: about 1927 (listed as 8 years old in 1935)
      Father: James Herridge
      Mother: Ellen/Ella Thornhill

Note: Wallace was fishing with Henry Herridge for several years, he got tuberculosis, late 1930s, Wallace kept getting weaker but finished the season, died following year. Henry then went fishing with Howard. Wallace was named after motherís brother, Wallace Thornhill. He went with Bill Banfield in little schooner in Bay líArgent in the spring but had to give up, the work was too hard, he and Henry went together again, that was year he got sick.

      Born: about 1931 (listed as 4 years in 1935), Andersonís Cove
      Father: James Herridge
      Mother: Ellen/Ella Thornhill
      Spouse: Freeman Hatch
      Born: about 1923, Andersonís Cove
      Father: Henry Hatch
      Mother: Selina ?
           [1] Patsy Hatch, born at Andersonís Cove
           [2] Linda Hatch; married Roger Emberley (son of Dolph Emberley, Grand Bank)
           [3] Derrick Hatch
           [4] Gary Hatch

      Born: 01 January 1945 at Lally Cove, Fortune Bay
      Died: 09 January 2007 at Sagona Island, Fortune Bay, massive heart attack
      Father: Cecil Herridge
      Mother: Velma Matthews (adoptive mother)
      Married: 14 February 1960
      Spouse: Henry Leonard Skinner of Sagona Island
      Born: 20 May 1940
      Died: 03 December 1986, massive heart attack
           [1] Cecil Henry Skinner, born 24 November 1961
           [2] Rosetta Marie Skinner, born 28 February 1966
           [3] Sherri Lynn Skinner, born 26 January 1972
           [4] Leonard Archibald Skinner, born 17 February 1974
           [5]Travis Donald Skinner, born 05 March 1985

Note: Venita was the natural daughter of Cecil Herridge but Velma was her adoptive mother. According to Sherri Lynn Skinner, Venita's biological mother was ďMyroreĒ Smith of Lally Cove - or a name that sounded similar to that, possibly Maria or Moriah.

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