John Caines of Kish

      Born: February 1858 [1921 census; married at 29]; or 1855, Point Enragee [death record]
      Died: 29 December 1931, of old age, at Point Enragee, age 76; buried Point Enragee by James R. Davies
      Father: Kish Caines
      Mother: Esther Osborn or Ann Unknown
      Married: 31 October 1887, Belleoram, by W.A. Haynes, witnesses: Wm Grandy, Arthur Strowbridge
      Spouse: Elizabeth May
      Born: circa 1869, Point Enragee [married at 18]; baptized 14 August 1869 by William Kepple White
      Father: James May
      Mother: Elizabeth Moulton
           [1] Mary Elizabeth Caines; born 19 April 1890, Rencontre; baptized 30 June 1890 by W.A. Haynes; died 26 July 1894 at Rencontre, of Convulsions, 4 1/2 years, buried Rencontre
           [2] Clara Ann Caines; born 27 July 1892, at Rencontre; baptized 19 September 1892, by Rev. W.A. Haynes
           [3] Levi Caines; born 23 January 1894, Rencontre; baptized 25 January 1894 by G Butler [Lay Reader]; died 01 February 1894, Rencontre, no cause given, age 4 days, buried Rencontre by W.A. Haynes
           [4] William George Caines; born 28 January 1894, Rencontre, baptized 03 February 1895 by G Butler [Lay Reader]; died 02 March 1895 at Rencontre, of Convulsions, age 2 months, buried at Rencontre by W.A. Haynes
           [5] Eli John Caines; born 20 June 1896, Rencontre; baptized 20 July 1896 by William A Haynes
           [6] Agnes Caines; 1898/9
           [7] Amos Caines; born circa 1900/1901
           [8] Sarah Ellen Caines; born April 1901, Point Enragee

- Johnís marriage record indicates he was born 1858 but his death record indicates 1855.
- John Kanes, 29, and Elizabeth May, 18, were both listed as residents of Point Enragee at the time of their marriage. Apparently John was recorded as being Ďof Kishí but no motherís name was given, indicating that his mother was probably deceased.
- James May and Elizabeth Moulton, parents of Elizabeth, married on 27 September 1850 at Harbour Breton. Place of residence for both was given as Garnish. They were married by J.G. Mountain, with witness James Legg.
- Levi Caines was recorded as 4 days old at the time of death, making it obvious that he was born 1894, not 1892 as seems to be written in the old birth records.
- John and Elizabethís last two children, Amos and Sarah Ellen, were either born close together or may, perhaps, have been twins.

Descendants of Clara Ann Caines

CAINES, Clara Ann
      Born: 27 July 1892, at Rencontre; baptized 19 September 1892, by Rev. W.A. Haynes
      Died: 13 September 1924, at Point Enragee
      Father: John Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth May
      Married: 02 November 1911 at Point Enragee, by A.E. Tulk; witnesses Elizabeth May and Elizabeth May
      Spouse: Eli James Bird
      Born: 03 April 1887 at Point Enragee; baptized 05 August 1887 by W.A. Haynes
      Father: George Bird
      Mother: Elizabeth May
           [1] Jessie Bird; born November 1912
           [2] Allan Bird; born November 1914
           [3] Hilda M. Bird; born June 1916
           [4] Ralph Bird; born November 1918
           [5] Marion Bird; born November 1920

- The marriage record for Eli James and Clara Ann listed two witnesses named Elizabeth May, who quite possibly may have been cousins of Clara Ann. It is also interesting to note that the maiden name of the mothers of both bride and groom was also Elizabeth May.
- In 1921 Eli, Clara and their five children were living with Eliís father, George, a 57-year-old widower. George Birde was apparently born at Grand John in October 1863.
- On 25 October 1884 at Belleoram, George Birde, 22, fisherman of Point Enragee, married Elizabeth May, 21, Domestic of Point Enragee. The ceremony was performed by W.A. Haynes, with John Cluett and John Mile as witnesses.
- In 1935, Eli was listed as the head of household, now a widower, with four of his children still at home. He owned a six-room house valued at $200 and was engaged in the cod fishery, with earnings of $350 for the previous year. His father, George, now 70, was also living with him.
- Clara Ann died in childbirth, attended by Dr. Conrad Fitzgerald, and was buried at Point Enragee by Rev. James R. Davies.
- In 1945 Eli had his son Allan, now 30, still at home and his father, at 81, was still there. Also living with him at that time was a cousin, Priscilla May, age 32 and single. Priscilla was probably taking care of the housework for them. Born July 1913, she was the daughter of Abraham and Esther May.

Descendants of John Caines

CAINES, Eli John
      Born: 20 June 1896, Rencontre; baptized 20 July 1896 by William A Haynes
      Father: John Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth May
      Married: 30 November 1916, at Point Enragee, by Gordon S Templeton; witnesses: William Lambert May and Agnes Caines
      Spouse: Susan May
      Born: 16 August 1896, Point Enragee; baptized 05 July 1897 by W.A. Haynes
      Father: Aaron May
      Mother: Mary Jane Unknown
           [1] Archibald Caines; born December 1919, Point Enragee
           [2] Gordon Caines; born circa 1922 [13 in 1935]
           [3] Alma Caines; born circa 1923 [21 in 1945]
           [4] Francis Caines; born circa 1927 [18 in 1945]
           [5] Uriah Caines; born circa 1930 [15 in 1945]
           [6] Gertrude Caines; born circa 1931 [14 in 1945]
           [7] Matilda Caines; born circa 1934 [11 in 1945]

- In 1921 Eli Johnís sister, Sarah A. Caines, and a nephew, Aaron J. Caines, were living with him and his family. Sarah A, born April 1901, was 20 and single. She was obviously the mother of Aaron J., who was born December 1918 at Point Enragee.
- In 1935 Eli John was engaged in the cod fishery. His earnings for the previous year were $200 and they owned a two-room house at Point Enragee, valued at $100.

Descendants of Agnes Caines

      Born: 1898/9, Rencontre
      Father: John Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth May
      Married: 04 January 1918 at Point Rosie, by M.H.W. Seeley; witnesses: Frederick May and Sarah E Caines
      Spouse: William Lambert May
      Born: 05 May 1890 at Point Enragee, baptized 17 July 1890 by W.A. Haynes
      Father: Aaron May
      Mother: Mary Jane
           [1] Evelyn May; born circa 1920; married Alfred J Strowbridge [born circa 1915]; child Georgina, born circa 1941
           [2] Joseph May; born circa 1922
           [3] David May; born circa 1927
           [4] Richard May; born circa 1930
           [5] Eric May; born circa 1933
           [6] Earl May; born circa 1936

- In 1935 William Lambert May and his family lived in a two-room house, valued at $20, at Point Enragee. He was engaged in the cod fishery and had earned $20 in the previous year.
- By 1945, Williamís daughter Evelyn had married. She, her husband, and their daughter appear to have been living in the same house as her parents, who still had five sons living at home. It is possible that the house had been enlarged to accommodate two families. Incidentally, Evelynís father-in-law, Albert George, married her Aunt Sarah, sister of her mother.

MAY, Evelyn
      Born: circa 1920
      Father: William Lambert May
      Mother: Agnes Caines
      Spouse: Alfred J Strowbridge
      Born: circa 1915
      Father: Albert George Strowbridge
      Mother: Susan May
           [1] Georgina May; born circa 1941

Descendants of Sarah Ellen Caines

CAINES, Sarah Ellen
      Born: April 1901, Point Enragee
      Died: between 1935 and 1945
      Father: John Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth May
      Married: 26 March 1922, at Point Enragee, by M.H.W. Seeley; witnesses: Abram May and Susie May
      Spouse: Albert George Strowbridge
      Born: April 1879, Point Enragee; baptized 31 August 1879, by John Bishop, Missionary
      Father: John Strowbridge
      Mother: Mary Jane Unknown
           [1] Kenneth Strowbridge; born circa 1922
           [2] Bridget Strowbridge; born circa 1924
           [3] William John Strowbridge; born circa 1933 [?]
           [4] Donald Strowbridge; born circa 1935

- In 1918 Sarah E. Caines witnessed the marriage of Agnes Caines to William Lambert May. It seems obvious that Sarah was the sister of Agnes and, therefore, the daughter of John Caines and Elizabeth May. In 1921, Sarah and her illegitimate son, Aaron J. were living with her brother Eli John.
- Albert George Strowbridge, in 1921, was a widower, age 42. Living with him were his 7-year-old son, Alfred, born October 1913, and also his 34-year-old brother Samuel, a widower at 34. Albert George was previously married to Susan May.
- Albert Georgeís brother, Samuel, also remarried in October 1922, to Elizabeth May. The marriage was conducted by Rev. M.H.W. Seeley with Abram May and Susan May as witnesses Ė the same two who witnessed his brotherís marriage a few months earlier.
- By 1935, Albert George and Sarah Ellen had four children and owned a 3-room house valued at $50. Albert George was engaged in the Cod Fishery and had earned $50 the previous year. Albertís son, Alfred, had married Evelyn May and was living with his in-laws, William Lambert May and Agnes Caines
- In 1945 Albert George and Samuel were living in the same house with their families. Besides their six children, Albert and Sarah also had an uncle living with them: Philip Myles, age 80, widower. Samuel and Elizabeth also had three children. Most likely it was a two-family dwelling with separate entrances and rooms.

Descendants of Amos Caines

      Born: circa 1900/1901
      Father: John Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth May
      Spouse [1]: Madeline Osbourne
      Born: circa 1900
           [1] Rita Caines; born circa 1927
           [2] Esther Caines; born circa 1929
           [3] Laura Caines; born circa 1932
           [4] Alice Caines; born circa 1934
           [5] Roland Caines; born circa 1938

      Spouse [2]: Elsie Riggs
      Born: widow of Little Harbour

- It is not certain where Amos was in 1921 as no trace of him has been found in the census for the Fortune Bay area.
- In 1935 Amos was engaged in the Cod Fishery and had earned $40 in the previous year. He owned a 4-room house at Point Enragee where he, wife Madeline, and four children lived. Living with him in 1935 was Elizabeth Caines, his 69-year-old widowed mother.
- Also living with Amos in 1935 was an adopted son, James Caines, age 16, born circa 1919. This appears to be Aaron J[ames], son of Sarah Ellen, who was living with his mother in the home of his uncle, Eli John in 1921.

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