Jane Banfield of Richard

      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Jane Pardy
      Married: 1850
      Spouse: Stephen Grandy
      Father: Charles Grandy
      Mother: Ann Anstey
           [1] Richard Grandy; 1851; died before 1864
           [2] Aaron Grandy; November 1853, Garnish
           [3] Hannah Grandy; baptized 1856
           [4] Eliza Jane Grandy; February 1861; baptized 1861
           [5] Richard William Grandy; 1864
           [6] Charles Albert Grandy; June 1866; baptized 1867
           [7] Thomas Grandy
           [8] Philip George Samuel Grandy 1870

      Born: November 1853, Garnish
      Father: Stephen Grandy
      Mother: Jane Banfield
      Spouse: Ester
      Born: July 1857, Frenchman’s Cove
           [2] Arthur Grandy; August 1896, Garnish
           [1] Matilda Grandy; November 1898, Garnish

GRANDY, Arthur
      Born: August 1896
      Father: Aaron Grandy
      Mother: Ester
      Spouse: Elizabeth
      Born: November 1897, Garnish
           [1] Arthur Grandy; May 1921, Garnish (twin of Thomas)
           [2] Thomas Grandy; May 1921, Garnish (twin of Arthur)

GRANDY, Richard
      Born: 1851
      Died: before 1921
      Father: Stephen Grandy
      Mother: Jane Banfield
      Spouse: Matilda Marshall
      Born: September 1862, Woody Island
           [3] (Reverend) William Marshall Grandy; 1879
           [1] Margaret Jane Grandy
           [2] James Henry Grandy
           [4] Jacob Grandy; August 1893, Garnish
           [5] Earl Grandy; September 1897, Garnish

      Born: August 1893, Garnish
      Father: Richard Grandy
      Mother: Matilda Marshall
      Spouse: Esther
      Born: November 1900, Garnish
           [1] Carl Grandy; circa 1922
           [2] Pamela Grandy; circa 1924
           [3] Donald Grandy; circa 1926

Note: Jacob, who was living with his widowed mother in 1921, was living in his own six-room house, valued at $400, by 1935. Of the United Church faith, he was engaged in the cod fishery.

GRANDY, Eliza Jane
      Born: February 1860, Garnish; baptized 1861
      Father: Stephen Grandy
      Mother: Jane Banfield
      Married: 1878
      Spouse: James (Walters) Lorenzen of Jersey Harbour
      Born: September 1867, Harbour Breton (married at 25)
           [1] Ernest Emilius Lorenzen; November 1880, Garnish
           [2] Sarah Florence Lorenzen; baptized 1881, Garnish
           [3] William Lorenzen; February 1891, Garnish

      Born: November 1880, Garnish
      Father: James Lorenzen
      Mother: Eliza Jane Grandy
      Spouse: Annie Kendell
      Born: August 1888, Grand Bank
           [1] Marjorie Lorenzen; June 1914, Grand Bank
           [2] Blanche Roberta Lorenzen; circa 1928

Note: Ernest was recorded as a merchant, in General Business in 1935. He was of the United Church faith and owned a seven-room house valued at $1,400.

      Born: February 1891, Garnish
      Father: James Lorenzen
      Mother: Eliza Jane Grandy
      Spouse: Mildred
      Born: October 1893, Garnish
           [1] Effie Lorenzen; January 1895, Garnish
           [2] Blanche Lorenzen; October 1896, Garnish; died before 1926
           [3] Minnie Lorenzen; February 1900, Garnish
           [4] Verna Blanche Lorenzen; circa 1926
           [5] James Lloyd Lorenzen; circa 1934/5

Note: William and his family were living with his parents in 1921. In 1935, William was living in an eight-room house valued at $1,800. It is not known if this was his father’s original house or if William had built his own house. James, now a widower, was living with his son, who was a merchant, in general business, and of the United Church faith. It was also noted in the 1935 census that James’ father had been born in Denmark.

GRANDY, Charles Albert
      Born: June 1866; baptized 1867, Garnish
      Father: Stephen Grandy
      Mother: Jane Banfield
      Spouse: Ester
      Born: August 1869, Garnish
           [1] Eli Grandy; April 1899, Garnish
           [2] Eliza Grandy; May 1901, Garnish
           [3] Albert Chesley Grandy; June 1904, Garnish
           [4] Hannah Grandy; June 1906, Garnish
           [5] William James Grandy; September 1909, Garnish; married Ida (born circa 1907)
           [6] Emma R. Grandy; July 1912, Garnish

Note: In 1935, Charles was engaged in the cod fishery, of the United Church faith, and owner of a $300-valued seven-room house. Son Albert was also engaged in the cod fishery, while William was a “Helper at Home”.

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