James Tibbo of Matthew

TIBBO, James
      Born: about 1786
      Died: 21 October 1836, Belleoram
      Spouse: Grace Unknown
      Born: about 1795
      Died: 13 January 1886, Belleoram
           [1] John Tibbo; born 14 December 1830; baptized 29 October 1840 married in 1855 Ann Skinner
           [2] Thomas Tibbo; born 1833/4; died 1900
           [3] Aaron Tibbo; born 1835
           [4] Jonathan Tibbo; born 1838; married [1] in 1861 at Belleoram Mary Skinner; [2] in 1865 Esther Buffett of Snook and ?; [3] in 1893 at Belleoram Martha Jane Stoodley
           [5] Henry Tibbo

Note: James may have been the son of Matthew and Sarah. The baptism of John is recorded in the Grand Bank Methodist Records, while the other four are listed in the Belleoram Church of England records of 26 August 1845.

      Born: 14 December 1830; planter of Hare Harbour
      Died: 10 July 1903, Hare Harbour, aged 79 [age could be in error by several years]
      Father: James Tibbo
      Mother: Grace Unknown
      Married: 25 September 1855, Belleoram; witness Thomas Tibboe
      Spouse: Ann Skinner
           [1] Elizabeth “Liza” Tibbo; born April 1855, Hare Harbour; married William Phillips
           [2] Madeline/Magdalene Tibbo; born 1856, Hare Harbour; married in 1872 Samuel Chalker, 28 (of Samuel and Ann, Bay East or Burin), witnesses James Skinner, Jane Holman and Elizabeth Tibbo
           [3] Thomas Tibbo; born 1861, Hare Harbour; married Hannah Matthews
           [4] James Tibbo; born 1863, Hare Harbour
           [5] Samuel Tibbo; born 1866, Hare Harbour; married Jane [Lace?] of Rencontre
           [6] Mary Ann Tibbo (probably); born 1868; married Henry Matthews [brother of Hannah who married Thomas]
           [7] Henry Tibbo; born 1869, Hare Harbour; baptized 1871; married Frances
           [8] Martha Tibbo; born November 1873, Hare Harbour

For more information on the descendants of John and Ann, see John Tibbo of James.

TIBBO, Captain Thomas
      Born: 1834
      Died: 1900
      Father: James Tibbo
      Mother: Grace Unknown
      Married [1]: 07 January 1861, Halifax
      Spouse: Mary Winters
      Born: 1836, Beaver Harbour, Halifax County, NS
      Died: 01 August 1868
      Father: John Winters
      Mother: Mary Hawboldt
           [1] Samuel Tibbo; born 09 July 1862, Salmon River [now Port Dufferin], NS; married 01 December 1885 Anna Bell Patriquin [born 14 May 1864, Tatamagouche, NS; of Isaac and Olive]; children, all born Port Dufferin: Mary E., 26 January 1888; Thomas, 05 February 1889, died October 1985 [married Lydia Luddington; died 1932, Boston]; Neil, 05 May 1890, died 1998; Olive, 03 May 1891; Violet, 26 May 1893; Maude, 17 September 1896; Fulton, 1905; and Grace

      Married [2]: 22 January 1873
      Spouse: Frances Gallagher
      Born: 30 September 1845, Salmon River [now Port Dufferin], NS
      Father: William Gallagher
      Mother: Ann Unknown

TIBBOE, Jonathan
      Born: 1838
      Died: 1894
      Married [1]: 1861 at Belleoram
      Spouse: Mary Skinner

      Married [2]: 1865
      Spouse: Esther Buffett
      Born: of Snook & Parthena Buffett, Long Harbour Point
           [1] Mary Maria Tibbo; 1869
           [2] Elizabeth Ann Tibbo; 1871-1871
           [3] James Tibbo; 1872-before 1921
           [4] Thomas Benjamin Tibbo; 1874-1905 [died at sea]; married Rose Elms [about 1882-1908]
           [5] William Aaron Tibbo; 1877-1930
           [6] Susanna Tibbo; 1879- ?
           [7] Francise Ethel Tibbo; 1886- ?
      Married [3]: 1893 at Belleoram; witnesses were Simeon Stud--- [Stoodley?], barely literate, and Esther Unknown
      Spouse: Martha Jane Stoodley
      Born: circa 1872, married at 21 [Jonathan was 49]
      Father: Reuben Stoodley
      Mother: Jane Fudge
           [1] Emily Violet Tibbo; 1894-1985

Note: Johnathan appears to have gone to Stone’s Cove because his second wife, Esther, was from that area.
      A headstone in the Stone's Cove Cemetery reads as follows: In memory of Tho's Benjamin Tibbo who was lost at sea Nov 18th 1905 aged 31 years. For more of his descendants, see Jonathan Tibbo of Stone’s Cove.

Descendants of Jonathan Tibbo [of James]

TIBBO, James
      Born: 1872
      Died: before 1921
      Father: Jonathan Tibboe
      Mother: Esther Buffett
      Married: 1895
      Spouse: Sarah Ann Hatcher
      Father: 1877
      Mother: 1930
           [1] George Robert Tibbo; 1896
           [2] Sabina Tibbo; 1899-1922
           [3] James Robert; 1906; married in 1926 Sarah Jane Vallis [born 1908]; children: George Robert [1926], James Robert [1931]

Note: Sarah Ann, widowed, appears to have next married Fred Dinham, who was born September 1883 at Stone’s Cove. Sabina and James, children from Sarah Ann’s first marriage, were still at home.

TIBBO, William Aaron
      Born: 1877
      Died: 1930
      Father: Jonathan Tibboe
      Mother: Esther Buffett
      Married: 1899
      Spouse: Sarah Ann Foote
      Born: 1871
      Died: 1946
           [1] Henry Tibbo; born about May 1899; died 05 December 1902, aged 2 years 7 months
           [2] Willoughby Tibbo; born 1903; died 26 December 1921, aged 18 years
           [3] George Thomas Tibbo; 1906; married Mami Pope and Olive Pope
           [4] Frederick Allan Tibbo; 1909-1997
           [5] Beatrice Tibbo; 1912; married Wilson Thornhill [born circa 1911, Anderson's Cove; son of William James and Mary Ann]

Note: Wilson Thornhill was the brother of Cyril Thornhill, a close friend of the Herridge family at Anderson’s Cove. Two headstones in the Stone’s Cove Cemetery read as follows:
      - In loving memory of Henry Beloved child of William and Sarah Tibbo Died Dec 5 1902 aged 2 yrs 7 months
      - In loving memory of Willoughby Beloved son of William & Sara Tibbo Who Died Dec 26 1921 aged 18 years

TIBBO, Emily Violet
      Born: 1894
      Died: 1985
      Father: Jonathan Tibboe
      Mother: Esther Buffett
      Married [1]: 1913
      Spouse: Alfred George Hanhams
      Born: 1886
           [1] Silas Cecil Hanhams; 1917-1971
           [2] Susan Marie Hanhams; 1919
           [3] Gordon Simeon Hanhams; 1920-1991
           [4] Elizabeth Hanhams; 1922-1922
           [5] Maude Gilbert Hanhams; 1922-1943
           [6] Mary Beatrice Hanhams; 1924
           [7] Hazel Blanche Hanhams; 1933

      Married [2]: 1935
      Spouse: Phillip George Poole
      Born: about 1885
           [1] Sidney Poole
           [2] Rosetta Poole

TIBBO, George Thomas
      Born: 1906
      Father: William Aaron Tibbo
      Mother: Sarah Ann Foote
      Married [1]: 1930
      Spouse: Mami Pope
      Born: 1911
      Died: 1930
      Father: Thomas Pope
      Mother: Ann Unknown
           [1] Willoughby Tibbo; born about 1930

      Married [2]: 1937
      Spouse: Olive Pope
      Born: December 1913
      Father: Randell James Pope
      Mother: Emma “Aunt Bert” Unknown
           [1] William Aaron Tibbo; 1938-1940
           [2] Geraldine Tibbo; 1940; married Malcolm St. Claire
           [3] Gladys Tibbo; 1941; married Stewart Kendall [1944]; children: Chad, Sherri, Mitchell
           [4] Norman Tibbo; 1943
           [5] Lawrence Tibbo; 1944-1996; married Ruby Hender; children: Sherry [married Jim Walsh], Sean [married Joanne]
           [6] William Aaron Tibbo; 1945; married Theresa
           [7] Randell James Tibbo; 1948; married Geraldine
           [8] Willoughby Tibbo; married Ruby
           [9] Harvey Tibbo;; married Marie
           [10] Lillian Tibbo; married Tom Sharpe
           [11] Betty Tibbo; married Paul Hollick

Note: George Tom Tibbo was engineer on the banking schooners, classed as a “number one engineer.”
      A headstone in the Stone’s Cove Cemetery reads as follows: Erected by W.M. Thomas Pope in memory of Mamie Tibbo Died Sept 25th 1930 Aged 20 years. In 1935 George Tom and son Willoughby, age 5, had living with them: George’s widowed mother, Sarah, age 64; brother Fred, 24, Teacher; and sister Beatrice, age 22.

TIBBO, Frederick Allan
      Born: 1909
      Died: 1997
      Father: William Aaron Tibbo
      Mother: Sarah Ann Foote
      Married: 1937
      Spouse: Dorothy Ellen Morris
      Born: 1919
           [1] Caroline Tibbo; 1938; married Don Pope
           [2] Mamie Tibbo; 1941; married Ken Pardy
           [3] Jaunita Tibbo; 1944; married Paul Hatch
           [5] James Frederick Tibbo; 1947-1948
           [6] Debbie Tibbo; married Dave Pynn
           [7] Sandra Tibbo; married Bill Dawe
           [8] Yvonne Tibbo; married Ross Morgan
           [9] David Tibbo; married Lynn

Note: In 1935 Fred Tibbo was a teacher, employed by the Church of England Board of Education. He later gave up teaching and went in a seine boat for a while. Then he went into carpentry and was considered to be an excellent carpenter. Fred was “a bit crippled.” He was working in the fish plant in 1945, foreman over the girls, when he gave Henry Herridge news of the death of his sister, Fay. During World War II, many people used to go to Fred for the news because he could relay it in simple language for those with little education.

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