Jacob Caines[1] of James[1]

CAINES, Jacob[1]
      Born: 1716, christened 07 April, Bonham Manor, Stourton, Wiltshire, England
      Father: James Cains
      Mother: Sarah
      Spouse [1]: Mary

      Spouse [2]: Elizabeth ?
           [1] James Cain Caines[2]; baptized 20 December 1740, Wiltshire, England; died 06 December 1804, England
           [2] William Caines; married in 1775 Ruth Sanger
           [3] Martha Caines; married in 1775 Thomas Hibberd
           [4] Dinah Kains; married in 1775 William Targett

CAINES, James Cain[2]
      Born: baptized 20 December 1740, Fonthill Gifford, Wiltshire, UK
      Died: 06 December 1804
      Father: Jacob Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth
      Married: 28 May 1767, East Knoyle, Wiltshire
      Spouse: Grace Sandel
      Born: 1724 (if this date is correct she was 16 years older than her husband or could it perhaps have been 1742?)
      Died: 17 December 1801, Berwick St. Leonard
           [1] Jacob Cain Caines[2]

CAINES, William
      Father: James Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth
      Married: 1775
      Spouse: Ruth Sanger
           [1] William Caines; 1777
           [2] Thomas Caines; 1778
           [3] Elizabeth Caines; 1779

CAINES, Martha
      Father: James Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth
      Married: 05 February 1775, Saint Thomas, Salisbury, Wiltshire
      Spouse: Thomas Hibberd

      Born: christened 25 March 1753, Fonthill Gifford, Wiltshire
      Father: James Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth
           [1] Elisabeth Caines; christened 26 February 1772, Hindon, Wiltshire

      Married [2]: 19 October 1775, Fonthill Gifford, Wiltshire
      Spouse: William Targett
           [1] John Target Cains; baptized 1774
           [2] James Targett, born 1785
           [3] Martha Targett; christened 19 February 1790, Hindon, Wiltshire
           [4] Martha Targett; christened 26 January 1794, Hindon, Wiltshire
           [5] Mary Targett; christened 03 October 1796, Hindon, Wiltshire

Dinah’s name is spelled as Dine in her daughter Elizabeth’s birth record; Diona on the first Martha’s birth record; Dinah on the second Martha’s birth record; and Dianah on Mary’s birth record. Her own christening records her as Dinah, daughter of James Caines and Mary. Interesting how many different ways names could be spelled when the owner of the name was uneducated and could not spell it out for the writer.

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