Jacob Caines of Kish

      Born: circa 1856, Rencontre [death record]; circa 1858 [married at 24]
      Died: 22 February 1910, at Bay du Nord, age 54, cause Bleeding Cancer; buried Bay du Nord by Rev. A.E. Tulk
      Father: Kish Caines
      Mother: Esther Osborne or Ann Unknown
      Married: 04 October 1882, Rencontre East; by W. A. Haynes. Witnesses: George Keeping, William Keeping
      Spouse: Agnes Hardy of Rencontre East
      Born: circa 1861 [married at 21]
      Father: Thomas Hardy
           [1] Mary Ann Caines; born circa 1877, Bay du Nord
           [2] Philip John Caines; born 10 February 1882, Bay du Nord; baptized 22 October 1882; died 01 December 1896, Bay du Nord, of Bronchitis, age 15, buried Bay du Nord
           [3] William Thomas Caines; born 15 July 1885, Belleoram; baptized 01 September 1885, Bay de North
           [4] Elizabeth Caines; born 29 March 1889, Belleoram; baptized 09 May 1889 by W.A. Haynes

- Sources indicate that Jacob was born around 1849 but he was recorded as 24 when he married, indicating he was born circa 1858. According to his death record, he was born 1856. It’s difficult to say which is correct.
- The marriage record has Jacob listed as ‘of Kish’ but mother’s name omitted; Mother may have been deceased at time.
- At the time of their marriage, Agnes was listed as a Domestic of Rencontre East.
- Agnes Caines, age 60, widow, born August 1861, is listed as visitor with Edward & Charity Rose in the 1921 Census. If Charity was her daughter, Agnes would be listed as mother or mother-in-law. Since she is listed as a visitor, this indicates that either Edward or Charity may have been a child of either: Agnes’ sister, Agnes’ brother, or her late husband’s sister. It is, however, nearly impossible to determine the truth as no birth record has been found for Agnes, so her siblings cannot be identified.
- The marriage record for Mary Ann lists her as ‘of Jacob’ but no birth record has been found for her. Jacob and Agnes did not marry until 1882. There are two possibilities: Jacob could have been a widower when he married Agnes; or Mary Ann could have been born five years before they decided to marry. The truth may never be known.
- No further trace of Elizabeth, born 1889, has been found. It is possible she may have died very young, before 1891 as there are no available death records for that time period.

Descendants of Mary Ann Caines

CAINES, Mary Ann
      Born: circa 1877, Bay du Nord (married at 22)
      Died: 12 January 1905 at Corbin, of heart disease, attended by Dr. Conrad Fitzgerald; buried at Corbin by Rev. Goddard(?) Fenwick.
      Father: Jacob Caines
      Mother: [?Agnes Hardy]
      Married: 31 October 1899, in home of Phil Poole, Corbin, by Rev. W.A. Haynes; witnesses: Stephen Drake and Levi John Savoury
      Spouse: Philip James Savery
      Born: circa 1876 (married at 23)
      Father: James Savery of Corbin

- The identity of Mary Ann’s mother is uncertain [see above notes]
- It is not known if Mary Ann and Philip had children. Birth records after 1899 are not available online.
- Several years after Mary Ann’s death Philip married her cousin Rachel [Caines] House, a widow with one surviving child. Philip and Rachel then had several children at Corbin.

Descendants of William Thomas Caines

CAINES, William Thomas
      Born: 15 July 1885, Belleoram; baptized 01 September 1885, Bay de North
      Father: Jacob Caines
      Mother: Agnes Hardy
      Married: 21 October 1908 at Bay du Nord, by W. Grouchy; witnesses John H. Hillier and Maria Hillier
      Spouse: Susan Miles of Boxey
      Born: July 1886
           [1] Sarah Agnes Caines, July 1909, Bay du Nord
           [2] Jacob G. Caines; born 21 April 1911, Bay du Nord; died 27 April 1911, six days old, of convulsions; buried Bay du Nord by A.E. Tulk
           [3] Rosetta Caines, July 1912, Bay du Nord
           [4] Arthur Willoughby Caines, September 1914, Bay du Nord
           [5] Hazel Caines; born circa September 1919, Bay du Nord; died 21 November 1919, at Bay du Nord, age 2 months, buried Bay du Nord by M/H.W. Seeley

- The marriage record states that Thomas married Sarah Miles, of Boxey. The 1921 census gives her name as Susan, and Susannah in 1935.
- A Susan Alice Miles, of John and Priscilla, was baptized 21 May 1888, born at Jacques Fontaine but no date of birth was given. This may be the girl who married Thomas Caines. According to her age as recorded in both the 1935 and 195 census, her date of birth would be 1887.
- Jacob G. Caines was found through the death records. William Thomas and Susan were the only Caines couple having children at Bay du Nord in that time period. He was obviously called after his grandfather, Jacob, and the “G” could have been George, after his great-uncle.
- The 1935 census shows Thomas and family living in their 5-room house, valued at $200, at Bay du Nord. He was engaged in the cod fishery and had earned $30 in the previous year. Daughter Sarah Agnes and her family were living with her parents.
- By 1945 Sarah Agnes and husband Celestine Dominix were settled in their own home. However, Thomas’ son Willoughby and his family were living with his father.

CAINES, Sarah Agnes
      Born: July 1909, Bay du Nord
      Father: William Thomas Caines
      Mother: Susan/Sarah Miles
      Spouse: Celestine Dominix
      Born: circa 1911
           [1] Hazel Elizabeth Dominix; born circa 1934
           [2] Rose Lillian; born circa 1935 [1 month old during 1935 census taking]; may have died young as she was not recorded in the 1945 census.

- In 1935 Celestine’s brother, Edward George, age 13, was living with him and his family, indicating that both Dominix parents may have been deceased. Sarah’s daughter Hazel Elizabeth was no doubt called after her late sister Hazel.

CAINES, Arthur Willoughby
      Born: September 1914, Bay du Nord
      Father: William Thomas Caines
      Mother: Susan/Sarah Miles
      Spouse: Emily Unknown
      Born: circa 1917 [age 28 in 1945]
           [1] Shirley Caines; born circa 1941, Bay du Nord
           [2] Mary Caines; born circa 1943, Bay du Nord
           [3] Rosetta Caines; born circa 1945, Bay du Nord

- There are obvious errors in the 1945 census records for Willoughby and his family. Emily, at 28, is listed as Thomas’ granddaughter but should be daughter-in-law. Both Willoughby and Emily are listed as single but should be listed as married. Willoughby was spelled wrongly – as Willowby.

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