Henry & Mary Ann Matthews

      Born: baptized 1865 at New Harbour (the 1921 Census gives his birthdate as August 1863)
      Died: 29 January 1922, at Grand John, following severe flu
      Father: John Matthews
      Mother: Jane Foote
      Spouse: Mary Ann
      Born: 1868 at Hare Harbour
      Died: 24 April 1922, at Grand John, following severe flu
           [1] Sarah Jane Matthews; born 1888 at Lobster Cove, baptized May 1889, Grand John
           [2] Randell James Matthews; baptized 1889
           [3] Selina Matthews; born and baptized 1889
           [4] Thomas Matthews; born September 1895, Grand John
           [5] Lucy Harriett Matthews; born 03 April 1896, Grand John
           [6] Elizabeth Matthews; born 23 October 1897, Grand John
           [7] Jeremiah Matthews; born April 1902, Grand John
           [8] John Robert Matthews; born 1904, Grand John
           [9] Mary Ann (ďMinnieĒ) Matthews; born February 1907; died 28 April 1925 at Anderson's Cove, age 18, of consumption

NOTE: Copy of Death certificate for Mary Ann Matthews gives 24 April 1922 as date of death yet the Date of Registration was 31 March 1922. Since Henry's death was registered on the same date, it seems likely that Mary died on the 24th of January or February. Family tradition has always held that they died just weeks apart, which would make February 24 the most likely date. In any case, Mary Annís death could not have been registered in March if she didnít die until April! Oral family tradition says that Selina married Fred Malloy, supposedly from Long Cerf, and had a son Philip. Mary Ann "Minnie" Matthews died of tuberculosis at Andersonís Cove at the age of 18. She never married. The death record mistakenly lists her place of birth as Anderson's Cove but she was born at Grand John.

MATTHEWS, Sarah Jane
      Born: 1888, Lobster Cove; baptized May 1889, Grand John
      Father: Henry Matthews
      Mother: Mary Ann [Polly]
      Spouse: William Thomas Fizzard
      Born: August 1888, Lobster Cove
           [1] John H. Fizzard; born August 1910, Hoop Cove; married Emily; children: Garfield Stanley, circa 1934; Elizabeth, circa 1937; William P., circa 1939; Norman, circa 1941; Harriet, circa 1933; and Walter G., 12 August 1945
           [2] Annie Fizzard; born April 1912, Hoop Cove
           [3] Charlie Fizzard; born July 1914, Hoop Cove; married Lavinia/Lillian; children: Carrie, circa 1921;
           [4] Garfield Fizzard; born September 1916, Hoop Cove
           [5] Gladys Fizzard; born 1918, Hoop Cove; married John Keeping
           [6] Norman Fizzard; born March 1921, Grand Bank; married Gladys; children: Maisie J., circa 1942

      Spouse [2]: Annie M. Tapper, widow, of Grand Beach
      Born: circa 1900
           [1] Chesley Fizzard; born circa 1925
           [2] Mary Fizzard; born circa 1927
           [3] Eli Fizzard; born circa 1931
           [4] Elmira Fizzard; born circa 1937
           [5] Shirley Fizzard; born circa 1937

Note: After his wife died, Will Tom Fizzard engaged Annie Tapper, a widow from Grand Beach, as a housekeeper. They eventually married. Annie brought with her two daughters from her first marriage: Beatrice, born circa 1919, and Jennie, born circa 1923. The 1935 census lists both Beatrice and Jennie as "DIL" but still recorded them as single. Obviously, they were the daughters of Annie. The 1945 census also records Morgan Tapper, stepson, 19, living with Will Tom and Annie.

      Born: September 1895, Grand John
      Died: 1945 (?)
      Father: Henry Matthews
      Mother: Mary Ann [Polly]
      Spouse: Alice Tibbo
           [1] Archibald Matthews; born May 1919, Grand John
           [2] Velma Matthews
           [3] Wilson Matthews

MATTHEWS, Lucy Harriett
      Born: 03 April 1896, Grand John
      Died: 03 April 1980, Fortune
      Father: Henry Matthews
      Mother: Mary Ann ?
      Spouse: Arthur Albert Herridge
      Born: 26 October 1897, Lobster Cove
      Died: 13 September 1972, Fortune
      Father: Unknown
      Mother: Julia Ann Herridge
           [1] Mabel Herridge; born 22 July 1919, Grand John
           [2] Elsie Herridge; born 10 August 1921, Grand John
           [3] Henry Herridge; born 06 September 1923, Anderson's Cove
           [4] Fay Herridge; born November 1925, Anderson's Cove

MATTHEWS, Elizabeth
      Born: 23 October 1897, Grand John
      Died: at New York
      Father: Henry Matthews
      Mother: Mary Ann [Polly]
      Spouse: Albert Hiscock
      Born: Champneys, Newfoundland
      Died: at New York
           [1] Henry Hiscock
           [2] Bert(?) Hiscock

MATTHEWS, Jeremiah
      Born: April 1901, Grand John
      Died: 11 July 1975, Fortune, age 74 years
      Father: Henry Matthews
      Mother: Mary Ann [Polly]
      Spouse: Louisa Hardiman
      Born: September 1903, Grand John
      Died: 1987
      Father: Thomas Hardiman
      Mother: Mary
           [1] Reginald Matthews; born circa 1920
           [2] Clyde Matthews; born circa 1924; married Ada West
           [3] Flossie (Florence) Matthews; born circa 1927
           [4] Dorothy Matthews; born circa 1928/9
           [5] Emma Matthews; born circa 1931; married Eli Thornhill, Grand Bank
           [6] Tryphena Matthews; born circa 1934
           [7] Gladys Matthews; born circa 1937
           [8] Margaret Matthews; born circa 1939
           [9] Elsie Matthews; born circa 1941; married Alister Buffett, Grand Bank
           [10] Roland Matthews; born circa 1943; married Florence (divorced)

MATTHEWS, John Robert
      Born: 1904, Grand John
      Died: 1945 (?)
      Father: Henry Matthews
      Mother: Mary Ann [Polly]
      Spouse: Myrtle Riggs
      Born: 1890, Stone's Cove
      Father: Thomas Riggs
      Mother: Susan
           [1] Murdock Matthews (married Lorena)
           [2] Mary Matthews

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