Hannah Jane Matthews of John II

MATTHEWS, Hannah Jane
      Born: baptized 1866 at New Harbour
      Died: About 1902
      Father: John Matthews
      Mother: Jane Foote
      Married: 10 October 1882 at Belleoram
      Spouse: Thomas Tibbo (of Hare Harbour)
      Born: 1861
      Died: 1933
      Father: John Tibbo
      Mother: Ann Skinner
           [1] Elizabeth Jane Tibbo; born 01 January 1884, Grand John; died 01 May 1944 (deaf and dumb, never married)
           [2] Lucy Ann Tibbo; born 11 October 1885, Grand John; died of diphtheria
           [3] Martha Tibbo; born 27 April 1888, Grand John
           [4] Abraham James Tibbo; born 28 July 1890, Harbour Breton
           [5] John Samuel Tibbo; born 30 June 1892, Grand John;
           [6] Henry Tibbo; born 30 July 1895; died 12 October 1916 in World War I
           [7] Alice Tibbo; born 09 November 1897; married (1) Thomas Matthews, (2) ? Strickland of Petites
           [8] Wilson Tibbo; born between 1893-1900
           [9] Philip Thomas Tibbo; born 14 September 1902, Grand John

Note: Thomas Tibbo was apparently the son of John Tibbo and Ann Skinner who were married in 1855. John was born 14 December 1830 and baptized 29 October 1840, as recorded in the baptismal records at Grand Bank, the son of James and Grace Tibbo of Belleoram Reach.
      The family first lived at Grand John, where Hannah’s family had come after leaving New Harbour. Philip Thomas was sixteen when the family left Grand John for Harbour Breton, which would have been around 1918. From The Commonwealth Memorial Site: Monument Inscription: In Memory of Private Henry Tibbo, 1st Bn., Royal Newfoundland Regt who died aged 21 on Thursday, 12th October 1916. Private Tibbo was the son of Thomas and Hannah Tibbo, of Harbour Breton, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland. Native of Grand John, Fortune Bay. Remembered with honour Bancourt British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.

TIBBO, Martha
      Born: 27 April 1888, Grand John
      Died: February 1976, Grand Bank
      Father: Thomas Tibbo
      Mother: Hannah Matthews
      Married: 03 November 1904, Grand John
      Spouse: John Thomas Hardiman
           [1] James Henry Hardiman; October 1906, Grand John; died 1940
           [2] Susanah Hardiman; September 1907, Grand John; married Cyril Hiltz; married Chesley Abbott
           [3] Hilda Hardiman; 16 May 1909, Grand John; died 03 September 1976, Antigonish, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia
           [4] Theresa A. Hardiman; 20 September 1910, Grand John; died 20 September 1992, Grand Bank
           [5] Reginald Hardiman; January 1913, Grand John
           [6] Charles Hardiman; August 1915, Grand John; died about 1991
           [7] Cecil Hardiman; December 1916, Grand John; died 19 May 1943 at sea during World War II
           [8] Florence Hardiman; September 1919, Grand John
           [9] Rowena Hardiman; October 1920, Point Enragee; died about 1921, Point Enragee
           [10] Gertrude Hardiman; September 1921, Point Enragee
           [11] Wilson Hardiman; July 1925
           [12] Raymond Hardiman; December 1930

Note: Gertrude ‘Gertie’ Hardiman, of John and Martha (Tibbo) Hardiman, married Richard Taylor and had a son Ernest Taylor who married Pamela Mullins, daughter of Jacob and Margaret (Hillier) Mullins.

TIBBO, Abraham James
      Born: 28 July 1890, Harbour Breton
      Died: 30 January 1931 (Lost at sea.)
      Father: Thomas Tibbo
      Mother: Hannah Matthews
      Married: 12 January 1912
      Spouse: Lillian Ashford
           [1] Anne Tibbo; April 1912, Harbour Breton
           [2] Hilda Tibbo; August 1913, Harbour Breton
           [3] Mabel Tibbo; September 1915, Harbour Breton
           [4] Elizabeth “Lizzie” Tibbo; August 1917. Harbour Breton
           [5] Lily Violet Tibbo; December 1919, Harbour Breton
           [6] Phoebe Tibbo; born after 1921, Harbour Breton [check 1935 census]
           [7]Margaret Tibbo; born after 1921, Harbour Breton [check 1935 census]
           [8] Frances Tibbo; born after 1921, Harbour Breton [check 1935 census]

TIBBO, John Samuel
      Born: 30 June 1892, Grand John
      Died: 24 May 1926; drowned on schooner Christie & Eleanor
      Father: Thomas Tibbo
      Mother: Hannah Matthews
      Married: 17 November 1913 at Belleoram
      Spouse: Sarah Matilda Skinner
      Born: January 1896, Grand John
           [1] John Thomas Tibbo; 25 October 1913, Harbour Breton; died 09 July 1990 at Spanish Ship Bay, Nova Scotia
           [2] Myrtle Tibbo; 06 March 1917, Harbour Breton
           [3] Henry Albert James Tibbo; August 1920, Harbour Breton; died 29 August 1942, at sea during World War II
           [4] Heber Tibbo; 16 October 1925, Harbour Breton
           [5] Herbert Tibbo; 16 November 1926, Harbour Breton; died 06 April 1999

Note: Hannah Matthews died before 1921 as in the census of 1921, Thomas Tibbo was living with son John Samuel and listed as a widower.
      From the Commonwealth Memorial Site: Inscription on Monument: In Memory of Boatswain Henry Albert James Tibbo S.S. Bic Island (Montreal), Canadian Merchant Navy who died aged 23 on Thursday, 29th October 1942. Boatswain Tibbo was the son of Samuel and Sarah Tibbo, of Harbour Breton, Newfoundland. Remembered with honour Halifax Memorial, Nova Scotia, Canada.

TIBBO, Wilson
      Born: between 1898-1900
      Father: Thomas Tibbo
      Mother: Hannah Matthews
      Married: 10 July 1916 at Grand Bank
      Spouse: Dinah Lee Barnes
           [1] Mary Tibbo; died 1938

Note: Sources indicate that Wilson Tibbo was squashed between a boat and the wharf, contracted tuberculosis and died. His daughter also contracted tuberculosis and died.

TIBBO, Philip Thomas
      Born: 14 September 1902, Grand John
      Died: 1988, St. John's, buried at Harbour Breton
      Father: Thomas Tibbo
      Mother: Hannah Matthews
      Married: 01 June 1920
      Spouse: Elsie Day
      Born: 22 June 1900, Harbour Breton
           [1] Bernice Tibbo
           [2] Roy George Tibbo; 01 November 1936, Harbour Breton
           [3] Thomas Philip Tibbo
           [4] William Henry John Perry Tibbo
           [5] Wilson Samuel Tibbo
           [6] Alexander Tibbo
           [7] Basil Tibbo
           [9] Lydia Tibbo

1921 Census gives birth date for Philip Thomas as April 1901, so it is not clear if 14 September 1902 may be the christening date.

Parents and Siblings of Thomas Tibbo

      Born: about 1824
      Died: 10 July 1903, Hare Harbour
      Married: 25 September 1855
      Spouse: Ann Skinner
           [1] Elizabeth “Liza” Tibboe; April 1855, Hare Harbour
           [2] Madeline Tibbo; 1856, Hare Harbour; married Samuel Chalker in 1872
           [3] Thomas Tibbo; about 1861, Hare Harbour; died after 1921, Harbour Breton
           [4] James Tibbo; 02 July 1863, Hare Harbour; married 19 September 1884 at Stone’s Cove, Mary Pennell (born 1863) of Grand Bank (witness was Mary Tibboe)
           [5] Samuel Tibbo; March 1866, Hare Harbour
           [6] Henry Tibbo; 1869, Hare Harbour
           [7] Martha Tibbo; November 1873, Hare Harbour

Note: In the Belleoram Church of England Records, often the witnesses to the marriages were the fathers of the bride and groom. In John Tibboe's case the witness was a Thomas Tibboe. This may have been his father.

There were two other children born to John and Ann Tibbo, but it is not certain if it was the same couple. John and Ann don’t appear to have had a son named John so, unless there was another John who married an Ann, the children were probably theirs.
           [1] Elizabeth Jane Tibbo; 1884, Grand John
           [2] Lucy Ann Tibbo; 1885, Hare Harbour

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