Hannah Herridge of John

      Born: June 1853 at Long Harbour, Fortune Bay, baptized 1864
      Father: John Herridge
      Mother: Mary Ann ?
      Married: 13 October 1874
      Spouse: Philip Fizzard
      Born: about 1852 at Burin
      Father: James Fizzard
      Mother: Sarah ?
           [1] John H Fizzard
           [2] William T. Fizzard
           [3] George M. Fizzard

Note: Philip went to Hoop Cove as a young man. Both Hannah and Philip were living with their son George and his family in 1921. Both must have died before 1935 for they are not in the 1935 Census.

FIZZARD, John Henry
      Born: October 1875 at Hoop Cove, Long Harbour, Fortune Bay
      Father: Philip Fizzard
      Mother: Hannah Herridge
      Spouse: Elizabeth ?
      Born: April 1879 at Hoop Cove
           [1] William Fizzard, born August 1903 at Hoop Cove
           [2] Phillip Fizzard, born March 1905 at Hoop Cove
           [3] Martha Fizzard, born February 1907 at Hoop Cove
           [4] Emily Fizzard, born 1909 at Hoop Cove
           [5] Lucy A Fizzard, born January 1913 at Hoop Cove
           [6] Esther Fizzard, born November 1917 at Hoop Cove
           [7] Velma Fizzard, born July 1919 at Hoop Cove

Note: Elizabeth’s father was born in England. She used to go lobster fishing.

FIZZARD, William T.
      Born: August 1888 at Lobster Cove
      Father: Philip Fizzard
      Mother: Hannah Herridge
      Spouse: Sarah Matthews
      Born: 1889 at Grand John
      Father: Henry Matthews
      Mother: Mary Ann “Polly” ?
           [1] John H. Fizzard, born August 1910 at Hoop Cove
           [2] Annie Fizzard, born April 1912 at Hoop Cove
           [3] Charlie Fizzard, born July 1914 at Hoop Cove
           [4] Garfield Fizzard, born September 1916 at Hoop Cove
           [5] Gladys Fizzard, born November 1918 at Hoop Cove
           [6] Norman Fizzard, born March 1921 at Grand Bank, Newfoundland
           [7] Chesley Fizzard, born circa 1925
           [8] Mary Fizzard, born circa 1926
           [9] Eli Fizzard, born circa 1931
           [10] Elmira Fizzard, born circa 1934

Note: William and Sarah lived at Hoop Cove. After his first wife, Sarah, died Will Tom Fizzard married Myria Annie Tapper from Grand Beach. They lived at Grand Bank. Living with them in 1921 were Beatrice Tapper and Jennie Tapper, both listed as daughters-in-law. William and Sarah may also have had a daughter named Emma, as indicated by oral history. The 1945 Census shows Emma Tizzard (which should be Fizzard), age 16, born circa 1929 at Grand Bank. She was the adopted daughter of William Poole, born at Corbin, and his wife Esther J., who was born at Anderson’s Cove, circa 1897. It seems that Sarah (Matthews) Fizzard may have died while some of her children were still very young and Emma may have been adopted by a relative. Garfield drowned while saving his younger brother Chesley, who had fallen overboard in the harbour at Grand Bank. Chesley, who was a small man, was saved.

FIZZARD, George M.
      Born: November 1889 at Anderson’s Cove, Fortune Bay
      Father: Philip Fizzard
      Mother: Hannah Herridge
      Spouse: Priscilla Thornhill
      Born: July 1893 at Anderson’s Cove
      Died: Eli John Thornhill
      Father: Jane ?
           [1] Hannah Fizzard, born September 1913 at Anderson's Cove
           [2] Gordon Fizzard, born August 1915 at Anderson's Cove, fisherman in 1935
           [3] Georgina Fizzard, born circa 1929
           [4] Garfield Fizzard, born circa 1934, Professor at Memorial University, Author

Note: In 1935 George was a fisherman, living at Anderson’s Cove. Priscilla’s sister Ellen/Ella married James Herridge, son of John. George’s parents, Philip and Hannah, were living with him and his family in 1921. By 1935 Philip and Hannah were deceased and George’s father-in-law, Eli John Thornhill, widower, was living with the family. Eli John was a fisherman.

FIZZARD, William
      Born: August 1903 at Hoop Cove, Long Harbour, Fortune Bay
      Father: John Henry Fizzard
      Mother: Elizabeth ?
      Spouse: Mary (or Mary Jane)
      Born: July 1901 at Femme, Fortune Bay
           [1] James Fizzard, born July 1921
           [2] Elizabeth Fizzard, born circa 1924
           [3] Philip Fizzard, born circa 1926; died young of tuberculosis
           [4] Thomas Fizzard, born circa 1927; died young of tuberculosis
           [5] Velma Fizzard, born circa 1931

Note: “Uncle Billy” Fizzard lived in a sharp-roofed house at Hoop Cove. One would pass by it when coming out of Long Harbour with a load of wood. One side of the roof had settled into a kind of hollowed shape. The cliff down in Hoop Cove was a rusty colour, indicating there was probably a high iron content in the makeup. James Fizzard, son of William, was listed as a fisherman in 1921, at the age of 14 years.

FIZZARD, Charles H.
      Born: circa 1922
      Father: John Henry Fizzard
      Mother: Elizabeth ?
      Spouse: Amy Saunders
      Born: circa 1926
      Father: John Henry Saunders
      Mother: Maria ?

Note: In 1935, at the age of 13, Charles was a fisherman, engaged in the Shore Fishery. His total earnings for the previous year had been $40. In 1945, Charles and Amy were living with her parents and siblings in their large, two-story white house at Long Harbour Beach. The family at that time included Amy's brother Joseph, his wife and three sons. Charles later built a house there, complete with basement. Long Harbour Beach was a very large sandbank. John Henry Saunders had a sawmill in the area and was known to be able to fix or “invent” anything he needed.

      Born: November 1918 at Hoop Cove
      Father: William Tom Fizzard
      Mother: Sarah Matthews
      Spouse: John Keeping
      Born: Grand Bank

Note: Gladys and Will Tom had, among others, a daughter named Grace who married Murdock Hiscock. He was the son of Willis Hiscock of Fortune. Grace and Murdock had three children: Juliette, Gary and Tina. Juliette married Barry English of Grand Bank and they had a daughter Kristen who was chosen as 'Miss Teen Southern Newfoundland' in 2007. Juliette was killed on 08 July 2010 while on a motorcycle holiday with another couple. They were travelling in the United States, apparently heading towards Boston when a car swerved and struck them. Juliette was pronounced dead at the scene; Barry suffered no critical injuries and the other couple was unharmed.

In an interesting twist of events, Grace (Keeping) Hiscock and Fay Herridge are related through two ancestral lines: on the Herridge side, they are 3rd cousins; and on the Matthews side, they are 2nd cousins.

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