The Green Tree

           [1] William Green, born Little Bay East

GREEN, William
      Father: ? Green
      Spouse [1]: Mary Unknown
           [1] James Green, born 1851, Brunette
           [2] Thomas Green, born circa 1853, Brunette
           [3] Ann Green, born September 1854, Brunette

      Married: 1857 at Belleoram (listed as Widower), Witnesses Philip Thornhill & Alfred ?
      Spouse [2]: Elizabeth Osmond (widow)
      Born: 1816, Grand Bank
      Died: buried at Doctors Harbour
           [1] Edward Green, born circa 1858, baptized 24 June 1859, Grand Bank (21 when married)
           [2] George Albert Green, 01 May 1860

GREEN, James
      Born: born 1851, Brunette
      Died: 1931 at age 80, Little Bay East
      Father: William Green
      Mother: Mary
      Married: 10 October 1874
      Spouse: Bethana (Perthana) Pope
      Born: August 1856, Stone's Cove
      Father: William Pope, of England
      Mother: Mary Ann Keeping [or Buffett]
           [1] Mary Ann Green, 10 August 1875; married 03 November 1896 William James Thornhill of James, born circa 1866, listed as farmer; Mary Ann died before 1935 for William was then a widower; son Thomas William, circa 1912 (parents of the late Mrs. Reginald (Flossie) Buffett of Fortune)
           [2] Selina Green; 05 October 1879
           [3] Hannah Jane Green, 16 July 1882 [married William Albert Myles, Little Bay East]
           [4] Thomas Ambrose Green; 24 September 1884; died young
           [5] William Edward Green, 04 August 1877; fisherman; married Sarah, born circa 1879; children: Wilson Harvey, circa 1909; Millie, circa 1911; Sidney, circa 1916; Garfield, circa 1922; Gertrude, circa 1929
           [6] Igol Green, 17 January 1886
           [7] Wilson Harvey Green, circa 1890; fisherman; married [2] Blanche, born circa 1907; children: Ivy May, circa 1919; Sarah, circa 1923; Frank, circa 1926; Earl, circa 1930; Jessie, circa 1934 [11 months old at time of 1935 census]
           [8] Ida Green, circa 1894; married Byron Barnes, Harbour Mille, born circa 1890; children: Onslow, circa 1914; Hazel, circa 1927; Otto, circa 1930
           [9] Sarah Agnes Green, circa 1890; married William Fudge, born circa 1886, fisherman from Trammer but lived at Little Bay East]. Agnes is buried in St. Anne’s Cemetery, English Harbour East, birth date listed as 23 November 1882, death date listed as 18 March 1871; headstone erected by Frances and Leo Hackett – presumably Frances was a daughter.
           [10] Elsie Green, born circa 1896; married Emmanuel Pittman, fisherman, born circa 1886, and lived at Little Bay East; children: Blanche, circa 1919; Manuel, circa 1925; Vera, circa 1927

      Born: September 1854, Brunette
      Died: at Little Bay East
      Father: William Green
      Mother: Mary Northcotte
      Married: 1854 at the School House in Stone’s Cove (Witnesses were William Pope, Elizabeth Pope and Thomas Green.)
      Spouse: Samuel Clarke
      Born: circa 1827, Blandford, Dorset (married at 27)
      Father: John Clarke
      Mother: Elizabeth
           [1] William Clarke, circa 1877; married Hannah (or Christianna) Walters
           [2] John Clarke, circa 1877; married Emily Miles (of John and Ann, Terrenceville Miles)
           [3] Charles Clarke; born 1879, married at 22 Mary Miles, 19 (sister of Emily?)
           [4] George Robert Clarke, circa 1886
           [5] Mary Clarke, circa 1887; married Thomas Williams from Pool’s Cove
           [6] Adam Clarke, circa 1891; married three times: (1) Annie Byrd from Fortune (died 1928 – no children), (2) Evelyn Roberts, 23, of Bay du Nord and (3) Matilda Clarke (cousins)

Note: Were William and John a twin or was there an error in one of the ages recorded in the 1921 census?
Note: There is a 7-year gap between Charles and George. Were other children born in that time? Did Samuel’s wife Ann die and he remarried?

GREEN, Thomas
      Born: circa 1853 (married at 30), Brunette
      Died: at Little Bay East
      Father: William Green
      Mother: Mary
      Married: 30 October 1883
      Spouse: Emily Vaters
      Born: circa 1862 (married at 21)
      Father: George Vaters of Baine Harbour
           [1] Angela Green

GREEN, Edward (Ned)
      Born: circa 1858 (21 when married)
      Father: William Green
      Mother: Elizabeth Osmond
      Married: 30 October 1879
      Spouse: Susan Vaters
      Born: circa 1857 (22 when married)
      Father: George Vaters of Baine Harbour
           [1] Elizabeth Green, married Joseph Myles & lived at Fortune (children: Gertrude, married Stan Buffett; Helen, married ? Chiasson of New York)
           [2] Jane Green, married Isaac Kenway of Flat Islands

GREEN, Hannah Jane
      Born: 16 July 1882
      Father: James Green
      Married: 10 October 1874
      Spouse: William Albert Myles, Little Bay East
      Born: circa 1878
      Father: William Miles
      Mother: Phoebe Thornhill
           [1] Leo Miles, born circa 1902; married Lillian; Children: Shelia Maude, born circa 1933
           [2] Tom Miles
           [3] James Miles, born circa 1910; married Sylvia
           [4] Elizabeth Miles, born circa 1912; died 2007 at Fortune; married Merrill Perham; children Norman, Florence, Bertha, Verdena, Shelia
           [5] Verdina Miles, born circa 1916; married Elsie Herridge of Anderson's Cove

Note: William Albert ‘Uncle Bill’ Myles drowned on way from Pool's Cove to Little Bay with minister, knocked overboard with sail. Thomas died when his leg caught in the motor (or winches) of the boat. The men left him on the deck of the boat and he bled to death. James lost one arm when it got caught in the winch of the deck engine on a banking schooner; Elizabeth married Merrill Perham of Pool's Cove; and Verdena was a sea captain.

GREEN, Sarah Agnes
      Born: circa 1890
      Father: James Green
      Mother: Mary
      Spouse: William Fudge
      Born: circa 1886, of Trammer
           [1] Beatrice Fudge; born 1911; married Leo Strawridge
           [2] Elsie Fudge; born 1911; married Harold Grandy (born 1911)

Note: Sarah Agnes and William are both buried at Little Bay East.

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