George Caines of Kish

CAINES, George
      Born: born 02 August 1845, Fox Island; baptized 05 September 1846 by Rev. Blackmore at Fox Island (near Burgeo)
      Died: 19 March 1916, Doctor’s Harbour, age 73, of Dropsy, attended by Dr. Conrad Fitzgerald; buried Lally Cove by Gordon Templeton
      Father: Kish Caines
      Mother: Esther Osborn
      Married: 13 September 1871, Doctor’s Harbour; by William Kepple White; witnesses Reuben Buffett, James Kinsella, Mary Kinsella and Isabella Keeping.
      Spouse: Elizabeth Kinsella
      Born: 1851, Burin (married at 20)
      Died: 12 April 1920, at Doctor’s Harbour, age 70, of Old Age; buried Lally Cove by G. Templeton
      Father: James Kinsella
      Mother: Mary
           [1] Joseph Caines; born circa 1872, Doctor's Harbour; baptized 02 August 1872 by W.K. White; confirmed August 1882 at 14
           [2] Emily Sarah Caines; born 1872, Doctor's Harbour; baptized 14 July 1874 by W.K. White; confirmed August 1882 at 12; married George Keeping (age 19) 12 November 1890 at Pool’s Cove (both listed as being from Doctor’s Harbour)
           [3] Esther Mary Caines; born 1876, Doctor's Harbour; baptized 19 July 1876 by W.K. White; died 10 December 1884
           [4] William George Caines, born Doctor's Harbour; baptized 28 August 1879 by W.K. White; died 23 September 1884 at five years
           [5] Samuel James Caines; born 15 December 1881, baptized 31 May 1883; died 15 December 1884 at three years
           [6] Alpheus Caines; born 15 October 1884, baptized 21 October 1884; died at two months, 02 November 1884 (death record gives name as Alphonsus)
           [7] Thomas Gabriel Caines; born 21 October 1885, Doctor’s Harbour, baptized 12 November 1885
           [8] George Samuel; born circa 1887, Doctor’s Harbour, baptized 31 October 1888 by W.A. Haynes; died of exposure 22 February 1908 in Gulf of St. Lawrence; buried Lally Cove by Rev. W. Grouchy
           [9] Bertha Mary Caines; born 25 February 1894, Doctors Hr; baptized 20 March 1894 by W.A. Haynes; died 25 May 1895 at Rencontre, age 3 months, buried Lally Cove
           [10] Rachel Caines; born 10 May 1891, Doctors Hr; baptized 01 October 1891 by W.A. Haynes
           [11] Kish Caines; born 25 February 1894, Doctors Hr; baptized 20 March 1894 by W.A. Haynes; died 02 August 1895 at five months

- In his marriage record, George's parents were given as Kish Caines and Esther Osborn. His place of residence was listed as Brunette Harbour, Elizabeth's place of residence was Doctor's Harbour. Presumably, the couple married and then settled at Doctor's Harbour, where they remained.
- George’s death record gives his birth place as Brunette, and the year circa 1843. The baptism record says he was born 1845 at Fox Island.
- The baptism record for 31 October 1888 is for a child of George and Elizabeth, but no date of birth or name was recorded. The headstone at Lally Cove reveals that George Samuel was the son of George and Elizabeth Kaines.
- George and William Holmans, age 19 of Belleoram, went out from the boat in a dory, setting nets in a blinding snow storm. They got lost, Holmans drowned and George died of exposure. The death record states that both young men were attended by Dr. Conrad Fitzgerald so, presumably, he signed the death certificates. George was listed as 21 years old and Holmans was 19. Oral family history says that Holmans had no experience and George was also young, indicating that it was probably too dangerous to send them out there in the first place. George’s headstone, at Lally Cove, reads:

MARCH 1ST 1908
MARCH 8TH 1908

Descendants of Joseph Caines

CAINES, Joseph
      Born: June 1872, Doctor’s Harbour; baptized 02 August 1872 by W.K. White; confirmed August 1882 at 14
      Died: 09 August 1936, cancer of the stomach, at Doctor's Harbour, age 64, attended by Dr. Harrington; buried Doctor's Harbour
      Father: George Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth Kinsella
      Married: 09 November 1897, Little Bay East, by Rev. Herbert Whitmore; witnesses: Mary Ann Banfield and Charlotte Banfield
      Spouse: Elizabeth Jane House
      Born: November 1879, Bay L’Argent
      Died: 1966, Belleoram; buried at St. Lawrence Anglican Cemetery, Belleoram
      Father: Charles House
      Mother: Sarah Unknown
           [1] Charles Caines; born 1889, Doctor’s Harbour
           [2] Edwin Caines, May 1900, Doctor’s Harbour
           [3] Elizabeth Caines, February 1905, Doctor’s Harbour
           [4] Emily Sarah Caines, January 1907, Doctor’s Harbour
           [5] John Caines, May 1915, Doctor’s Harbour
           [6] Tryphena Caines, 21 November 1917, Doctor’s Harbour
           [7] Jessie Caines [listed as predeceased sister in Emily’s Obituary]
           [8] Mahalia Caines [listed as predeceased sister in Emily’s Obituary]

- In 1935 Joseph was engaged in the Lobster Fishery at Doctor’s Cove and living in his five-room house, valued at $150.00. Daughter Tryphena was still at home. Also living with them in 1935 was 9-year-old granddaughter Nellie Mullins.

      Born: May 1900, Doctor’s Harbour
      Died: 01 June 1941, at Belleoram, pulmonary tuberculosis, age 41; buried Belleoram
      Father: Joseph Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth Jane House
      Spouse: Edith Ann Domineaux
      Born: 1899, Long Island, Belleoram
      Died: 1988, Belleoram; buried at St. Lawrence Anglican Cemetery, Belleoram
           [1] Jane Caines; born circa 1927, Long Island, Belleoram; married Simeon James Savoury; died 1953
           [2] Elizabeth Caines; born circa 1932, Long Island, Belleoram
           [3] Tryphena Caines; born 17 August 1936, Long Island, Belleoram; married Harold Dodge [born 08 August 1929] of Belleoram

- The 1935 Census shows Edwin living at Belleoram where he owned a two-room house, valued at $100. He was engaged in the cod fishery and had a total income of $100 in the previous year. In 1945, Edith, a widow, was living alone with her three daughters.
- Jane [Caines] Savoury, born 1927, died 1953, wife of Simeon, is buried at St. Lawrence Anglican Cemetery, Belleoram. Simeon James Savoury, born 1916, died 1971, husband of Jane [Caines], is also buried St. Lawrence Anglican Cemetery, Belleoram. He was the son of Levi John and Frances. In 1935, Simeon was engaged as a Labourer in a Fishing Room and had earned $30 the previous year. Simeon and Jane did not marry until after 1945 as both were still living at home with their parents in the 1945 census.
- The headstone of Edith Ann Caines reads as follows:
1899 - 1988

CAINES, Elizabeth
      Born: February 1905, Doctor’s Harbour
      Father: Joseph Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth Jane House
      Spouse: John Thomas Dominix [baptized as Dominique]
      Born: 17 August 1898 at Little Reach, baptized 01 September 1898 by W.A. Haynes
      Died: 08 April 1977, Belleoram, age 78; Seaman Merchant Navy WW2; buried St. Lawrence Anglican Cemetery, Belleoram
      Father: Joseph Dominic
      Mother: Charlotte Hardy [buried St. Lawrence Anglican Cemetery, Wooden Cross marker]
           [1] Wallace Dominix; born circa 1933
           [2] Allan Marshall Dominix; born circa 1934
           [3] John J. Dominix; born circa 1939
           [4] Hannah Dominix; born circa 1933/35 [listed as 10/12]

- On 18 October 1893 at Belleoram, Joseph Dominic, 25, fisherman of Little Belleoram Reach, married Charlotte Hardy, 21, also of Little Belleoram Reach; married by W.A. Haynes; witnesses Jacob G. Cluett and Stephen Dominic.
- In 1935 Charlotte Dominix, 60-year-old widow, listed as Mother, was living with John Thomas and family. He was engaged in the cod fishery and owned a four-room house valued at $200. His earnings for the previous year had been $150. In 1945 Charlotte, age 68, was still with them, and so was Elizabeth Caines, a widow at age 56, who was listed as Mother-in-law. Elizabeth’s birth place was listed as Bay L’Argent and she was recorded as living at Lally Cove in 1935 but she does not appear in the 1935 census for that community.

CAINES, Emily Sarah
      Born: January 1907, Doctor’s Harbour
      Died: 02 November 1998, age 91, at North Sydney
      Father: Joseph Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth Jane House
      Spouse [1]: Unknown Mullins
           [1] Eleanor ‘Nellie’ Mullins; born circa 1926, Doctor’s Harbour; married Parmenius Bambury, Pool’s Cove [born 03 July 1907, of Angus Bambury and Mary Ann ‘Minnie’ Savoury]

      Spouse [2]: Horace J. Allen
      Died: 1997, at North Sydney
           [2] Mildred Allen; married Basil Thompson, Indiana, USA
           [3] Aleta Allen; married Vernon Edmonds, North Sydney
           [4] Joseph Allen; married Joan, Bras d’Or
           [5] Philip Allen; married Sandra, North Sydney

- Oral family history relates that while Emily was nursing her daughter, Nellie, she also nursed Clyde, the son of her brother Thomas Gabriel. Emily’s sister, Tryphena, said that Phoebe Ann’s milk had dried up. In July of 2010 Nellie related that she and Clyde had been playmates when growing up at Doctor’s Harbour. They still have a close bond.

From the Cape Breton Post, Sydney, Nova Scotia, October - December 1998
Emily S. Allen (Caines)
91, North Sydney
Emily Sarah Allen, 91, a resident of the Northside Guest Home and formerly of 49 Allen Lane, North Sydney, died Monday, Nov. 2, 1998, at the guest home. Born in Doctor's Harbour, Nfld., she was the daughter of the late Joseph and Jane (House) Caines. She was a member of Calvary Baptist Church, North Sydney. Surviving are three daughters, Eleanor Bambury, Pool's Cove, Nfld., Mildred (Mrs. Basil Thompson), Evansville, Indiana, Aleta (Mrs. Vernon Edmunds), North Sydney; two sons, Joseph (Joan), Bras d'Or, Philip (Sandra), North Sydney; one sister, Tryphena Shewchuk, Janetville, Ont., 16 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband, Horace J. Allen in 1997, three brothers, John, Edwin and Charles and three sisters, Jessie, Mahalia and Elizabeth Dominix. Visitation 2-4, 7-9 p.m. Tuesday in the W.J. Dooley Funeral Home, 107 Pleasant St., North Sydney. Funeral services Wednesday, 2 p.m. from the funeral home chapel with Rev. John Hannem officiating. Burial to follow in Lakeside Cemetery, North Sydney. Memorial donations to the Northside Community Guest Home, VON or a charity of one's choice.

CAINES, Tryphena
      Born: 21 November 1917, Doctor’s Harbour
      Father: Joseph Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth Jane House
      Spouse [1]: Unknown Beatty
           [1] Eric Beatty; residing Oshawa, ON

      Spouse [2]: Unknown Shewchuck

Descendants of Emily Sarah Caines

CAINES, Emily Sarah
      Born: 1872, Doctor's Harbour; baptized 14 July 1874 by W.K. White; confirmed August 1882 at 12
      Died: between 1935-1945
      Father: George Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth Kinsella
      Married: 12 November 1890, at Pool’s Cove, by John Squires; witnesses: Wilson Marshall and Emma Bambury
      Spouse: George Keeping
      Born: July 1868, at Stone’s Cove, baptized 1873
      Father: John Keeping
      Mother: Eliza Pope
           [1] Elizabeth Eliza Keeping; born 09 July 1893, at Doctor's Harbour; baptized 29 November 1893, by W.A. Haynes
           [2] Benjamin Joseph Keeping; born 15 November 1896, at Doctor's Harbour; baptized 29 March 1897, by Rev. W.A. Haynes; died 11 October 1897, at Doctor’s Harbour, age 18 months, cause Intantile, buried Lally Cove
           [3] Thomas Archibald Keeping; born November 1899, at Doctor’s Harbour
           [4] Martha Keeping; born September 1911, at Belleoram

- In their marriage record both Emily Sarah and George are listed as residents of Doctor’s Harbour. It is seems likely that George may have been fishing there. The marriage record also lists Emily Sarah as age 26 and George at 19. Obviously this was an error as later records indicate he was closer to 29.
- There is no further mention of Benjamin Joseph after his baptism. He was not at Belleoram in 1921, at which time he would have been 25.
- In 1921 George and Emily Sarah were living at Belleoram, with their two daughters still at home.
- In 1935, George and Emily were living in their own 6-room house at Belleoram, valued at $1,000. George was employed as a Labourer in a Fishing Room, and his earnings for the previous year was $296. daughter Elizabeth, 42, was still at home, listed as doing House Work. Daughter Martha, 23, was living at home, employed as Saleswoman in a General Store, and had earned $162 in the previous year. Son Thomas and family were apparently living in the same house.
- The 1945 Census lists George’s place of birth as Crant’s Cove, known to have been occupied by several families at one time. It later became the location for the cemetery used by Stone’s Cove, Anderson’s Cove and other places in the immediate vicinity. George was listed as married but his wife was not recorded. Daughter Elizabeth, now 52, was still living with her father, indicating that she probably never married.

KEEPING, Thomas Archibald
      Born: November 1899, at Doctor’s Harbour
      Father: George S. Keeping
      Mother: Emily Sarah Caines
      Married: 17 April 1922, at Belleoram, by M.H.W. Seeley; witnesses: Chesley Dicks and Eliza Keeping
      Spouse: Sarah Elizabeth Fiander
      Born: August 1901, at English Harbour West
           [1] Evelyn Blanche Keeping; born August 1921, at Belleoram
           [2] Bertha Keeping; born circa 1923, at Belleoram
           [3] Emily Sarah Keeping; born circa 1926, at Belleoram
           [4] Reginald George Keeping; born circa 1930, at Belleoram
           [5] Howard Keeping; born circa 1941, at Belleoram

- In their marriage record, both Thomas Archibald, 20, and Sarah Elizabeth, 19, used their second Christian names instead of the first.
- Sarah Elizabeth Fiander was most likely the daughter of Joseph Fiander [born 1876 of George Fiander and Harriett Green] and Bertha Price [born 1875 of Robert and Ann Price]. This is an assumption but Sarah Elizabeth did name her second daughter Bertha so it is possible.
- In 1935 ‘Archibald’ Keeping was engaged in the cod fishery and had earned a total of $65 in the previous year. Archibald, wife Elizabeth, and their four children were apparently living in the same house as his parents. It is not known if the two families shared common accommodations or if the house was a two-family dwelling, each having their own rooms.

Descendants of Thomas Gabriel Caines

CAINES, Thomas Gabriel
      Born: 21 October 1885, Doctor’s Harbour, baptized 12 November 1885
      Father: George Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth Kinsella
      Married: 24 November 1910 at Doctors Hr, by A.E. Tulk; witnesses: George T. Osmond and Rachael Caines
      Spouse: Phoebe Ann Savoury
      Born: 05 November 1891, Belleoram, baptized 24 December 1891 by W.A. Haynes, [Illegitimate]
      Mother: Jane ‘Jennie’ Savoury
           [1] Jessie Caines; born circa 1909, Doctor’s Harbour; died 20 August 1918, age 9, of Measles, at Doctor’s Harbour; buried Doctor’s Harbour
           [2] George Caines, born circa 1911, Doctor's Harbour; died 19 September 1918, age 7, of Measles, buried Doctors Harbour
           [3] Phoebe Caines; born circa 1912, Doctor's Harbour; died 19 August 1918, age 6, of Measles, buried Doctor's Harbour
           [4] Mezette Caines, born circa 1913, Doctor's Harbour; died 15 September 1918, age 5, of Measles, buried Doctors Harbour
           [5] Lillian Caines, January 1919, Doctor’s Harbour
           [6] Bertha Caines, August 1921, Doctor’s Harbour
           [7] Reginald Caines, circa 1924
           [8] Clyde Caines, circa 1926
           [9] Lena Caines, circa 1930

- In 1921 Phoebe’s widowed mother, Jennie, was living with the family. In 1935 Thomas was engaged in the Lobster Fishery and owned a six-room house which was valued at $150.00. The family was of the Church of England faith.
- Jane Savoury was born at Corbin and baptized 23 July 1868 by William Kepple White. She was the daughter of John Savoury and Charlotte Coffin, who married were 13 September 1862 at Rencontre East by W.K. White, with witnesses: Augustus Mullins and Elizabeth Keeping. John, 27, was listed as a servant, of Corbin, while Charlotte, 19, was from Rencontre East. It appears that they married in the bride’s home community and then went to the groom’s home to live.
- Jane ‘Jennie’ Savoury was courting a young English fisherman who was a crew member of a seasonal fishing boat from England. He returned home in the fall of 1891 without ever knowing that Jennie was carrying his child. Jennie later went to Old Woman’s Cove as housekeeper for widower, James ‘Jimmy’ Osborne. On 23 September 1902, at Doctor’s Harbour, Jane Savoury, age 32, married 52-year-old widowed fisherman, James Osborne. Rev. W. Goddard performed the ceremony that was witnessed by Maria Bullen and William Baker.
- In 1935, Thomas Gabriel owned a six-room house at Doctor’s Harbour, valued at $150. He was engaged in the lobster fishery and had earned $135 in the previous year.
- Thomas Gabriel’s house was a large two-story structure. When the family relocated in November 1937, the house was taken down and rebuilt at Rencontre East, in the same location where his grandson, Gord, later built his house. Gord was the last one to be born in the old house from Doctor’s Harbour.

      Born: 24 July 1926, Doctor’s Harbour
      Father: Thomas Gabriel Caines
      Mother: Phoebe Ann Savoury
      Spouse: Theresa James
      Born: 08 August 1926
      Died: 06 March 1997
      Father: Albert James [born December 1898, of Augustus and Mary A.]
      Mother: Julia Mullins [born December 1904, of Benjamin and Margaret]
           [1] Geraldine Caines Hardy; born 22 November 1947; married a Tanner; Dartmouth, NS
           [2] Thomas Caines; born 24 July 1952; married 10 July 1981 to Barbara Babcock, Rencontre East, Fortune Bay, NL
           [3] Albert Leslie Caines; born 21 June 1953; London, ON
           [4] Gordon Caines; born 02 October, 1956; married 27 May 1979 to Margaret ‘Peg’ Mullins, Rencontre East, Fortune Bay, NL [Peg was born 17 April 1960, Rencontre East, of Fred Mullins and Margaret Mullins]; sons: Thomas and Timothy
           [5] Ada Elizabeth Caines; born 20 November, 1958; married a Power, Dartmouth, NS
           [6] Deborah Mary Caines; born 27 October, 1960; married a Kendall, Morrisville, Bay D'Espoir, NL
           [7] David George Caines; born 23 July 1962; Edmonton, AB
           [8] Julia Ann Caines; born 22 November 1963; married a Mullins, London, ON
           [9] Della Joanne Caines; born 12 October 1965; married a Mullins, Angus (near Barrie), ON

CAINES, Reginald
      Born: circa 1924, Doctor’s Harbour
      Father: Thomas Gabriel Caines
      Mother: Phoebe Ann Savoury
      Married: 18 June 1957, at Rencontre East; maid-of-honour was Margaret Mulllins
      Spouse: Florence Lace
      Born: circa 1938
      Father: Simeon Lace [born March 1902, Rencontre East, of William and Susan]
      Mother: Eliza Unknown
           [1] Jessie Caines
           [2] John Caines; married Karen Hardy; children: Jonathan and Jennifer
           [3] Liza Ann Caines; married Lloyd Mullins, Harbour Breton; children: Amanda and Angela
           [4] Robert Caines; married Unknown Baker, Harbour Breton; has two sons
           [5] Maxine Caines
           [6] Corey Caines; married Trina Fizzard
           [7] Irene Caines; married Carmen Hardy

Descendants of Rachel Caines

CAINES, Rachel
      Born: 10 May 1891, Doctors Hr; baptized 01 October 1891 by W.A. Haynes
      Father: George Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth Kinsella
      Married [1]: 31 May 1912, at Little Bay East, by J. Haldane; witnesses: Harold Banfield and Leah Grandy
      Spouse: Edward House
      Born: baptized in 1883 by William Kepple White
      Died: 04 August 1919, at Doctor’s Harbour, age 39, cause Tuberculosis
      Father: Charles House, born 1835 at Brackers, England
      Mother: Sarah
           [1] Edward House; born circa 1913, Doctor’s Harbour; died 14 August 1920 at Corbin, age 7; cause Diarrhoea; at Corbin on 14 August 1920; buried at Doctor’s Harbour
           [3] Charles House; born 1916, Doctor’s Harbour; died 2007 at Belleoram
           [2] Stella House; 16 April 1918, Doctor’s Harbour; died age two days, died 18 April 1918 at Doctor’s Harbour; cause Convulsions; buried at Lally Cove.

      Married [2]: 31 August 1920, at Corbin, by Rev. M.H.W. Seeley; witnesses: William Williams and Janet Hannams
      Spouse: Philip James Savoury
      Born: baptized in 1877
      Died: 1951, age 75, at Corbin
      Father: James Savoury
      Mother: Alice Hannah
           [4] Ernest John Savoury; born 1920; died 2004 at Belleoram; buried at St. Lawrence Anglican Cemetery, Belleoram; married Marion, born 1939, died 2003, buried in plot beside her husband
           [5] Susan Hannah Savoury; born circa 1925
           [6] William James Savoury; born circa 1934

- The 1935 Census shows Philip [58] and Rachel [45] still living at Corbin where he was engaged in the Cod Fishery. Living at home with them were: Ernest John, Susan Hannah, William James and step-son Charles House. Ernest John and Charles were also engaged in the Cod Fishery. The family lived in their own five-room house, valued at $150. Philip’s total earnings for the previous year had been $105.
- Susan Hannah and Susanna appear to have been the same person, though it is not clear which form of the name was correct. It is also unclear exactly who James J.B. Savoury was.
- Charles House is buried at St. Lawrence Anglican Cemetery, Belleoram. His grave is marked with a wooden cross that reads: Charles House, 1916 – 2007.

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