George Banfield of Richard

      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Jane Pardy
      Married: Esther Moulton
           [1] Richard Banfield; baptized 1848
           [2] James Banfield; circa 1849 (married in 1872 Berthana Johnson).
           [3] Henry Banfield; March 1851; baptized 1852
           [4] Esther Banfield; 1854 (died at ten days)
           [5] Margaret Banfield; 1856
           [6] Jane Banfield; baptized 1860
           [7] Victoria Banfield; baptized 1862

Note: George Banfield and his family lived at Garnish.

      Born: March 1851, Garnish; baptized 1852
      Died: before 1935
      Father: George Banfield
      Mother: Esther Moulton
      Spouse: Jane
      Born: July 1861, Harbour Mille
           [1] William Banfield; June 1896

      Born: June 1896
      Father: Henry Banfield
      Mother: Jane “Jennie”
      Spouse: Mary
      Born: September 1900, Grand Beach
           [1] Emma Beulah (Annie) Banfield; January 1921, Garnish
           [2] Lydia Myrtle Banfield; circa 1925
           [3] Mamie Alice Banfield; circa 1931

Note: In 1921 William, his wife, and one daughter were living with his father and mother. By 1935, his father, Henry, was deceased and William was head of the household. William was engaged in the cod fishery and their five-room house was valued at $500. “Jennie”, a widow at 74, was still living with William and his family.

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