The Foote Tree

FOOTE, Henry
      Born: Brunette
      Spouse: Ann
           [1] Sarah Foote, born 1824
           [2] Jane Foote, born circa 1842

FOOTE, Sarah
      Born: 1824
      Father: Henry Foote, of Brunette
      Mother: Ann ?
      Married [1]: ?
      Spouse: William Fiander, widower
      Born: 1804
      Died: 1847
           [1] Harriet Fiander, 1845-1921, married Philip Yarn in 1867 (1843-1930, English Harbour)

      Married: 1851
      Spouse: James Price, widower, of Brunette
           [1] William Price (grandfather of William Price of Fortune)

      Born: circa 1842 (22 when married)
      Father: Henry Foote of Brunette
      Mother: Ann ?
      Married: 21 October 1863 at New Harbour
      Spouse: John Matthews
      Born: 1835 or 1841, New Harbour
      Died: 15 April 1920, Stone's Cove
      Father: John Matthews
      Mother: Hannah Banfield
           [1] Henry Matthews; baptized 1865, New Harbour
           [2] Hannah Jane Matthews; baptized 1866, New Harbour
           [3] Albert William Matthews; baptized 1873, New Harbour

Note: According to his marriage certificate, John Matthews was born in 1841, but the date on his headstone indicates 1835.

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