The Matthews Roots

      Born: circa 1810(?), England (Listed as literate)
      Married: about 1830
      Spouse: Hannah Banfield
      Born: about 1815, Garnish
      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Jane Pardy
           [1] Anne Matthews; born July 1831, Bay L'Argent; baptized 18 March 1835, St. Thomas Church of England Parish, St. John's; married Thomas Lawrence
           [2] Elizabeth Matthews, born 05 November 1836, baptized 12 December 1836, Bay L'Argent
           [3] John Matthews, born 1835/1841, New Harbour, Fortune Bay

      Born: 1835 or 1841, New Harbour (according to his marriage certificate he was born in 1841; but the date on his headstone indicates 1835)
      Died: 15 April 1920, Stone's Cove
      Father: John Matthews
      Mother: Hannah Banfield
      Married [1]: 21 October 1863 at New Harbour
      Spouse: Jane Foote
      Born: 1842, Brunette Island
      Father: Henry Foote
      Mother: Ann
           [1] Henry Matthews; baptized 1865, New Harbour
           [2] Hannah Jane Matthews; baptized 1866, New Harbour
           [3] Albert William Matthews; baptized 1873, New Harbour

      Married [2]: 1873
      Spouse: Elizabeth (Chiffey) Burn, widow
      Born: August 1857
      Died: 27 November 1927, Stone's Cove; (living with daughter Sarah Ann at Stone's Cove in 1921)
      Father: John Chiffey of Grand John
      Mother: Sarah
           [1] Elizabeth Jane Matthews; baptized 1873, New Harbour
           [2] Harriett Matthews; born March 1876, Grand John
           [3] Ellen Matthews; baptized 1878, Grand John
           [4] Arthur Matthews; baptized 1880

           [1] Sarah Ann (Burn?); baptized 1873, of Elizabeth Burn
           [2] Frederick (Burn?); baptized 1873, of Elizabeth Burn

NOTE: the above two children, Sarah Ann and Frederick appear to have been the children of Elizabeth and her late husband George Burn. Information on Harriett is based on oral family history and 1921 Census.

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