Elizabeth Matthews of John

MATTHEWS, Elizabeth
      Born: November 1871, baptized 1873, New Harbour
      Father: John Matthews
      Mother: Jane Foote
      Married: Thomas Skinner
      Born: October 1865, Hare Harbour
           [1] Stella Blanche Skinner; born January 1902

Note: After the death of Thomas Skinner, widow Elizabeth Jane married George Osborne, son of Tom and Ellen Osborne.

SKINNER, Stella Blanche
      Born: January 1902, Grand John
      Father: Thomas Skinner
      Mother: Elizabeth Matthews
      Spouse: Philip George Hardiman
      Born: June 1901, Grand John
      Father: Thomas Hardiman
      Mother: Mary ?
           [1] Hannah Jane Hardiman; circa 1922
           [2] William Hardiman; circa 1924
           [3] Mary Florence Hardiman; circa 1927
           [4] Rosie Hardiman; circa 1929
           [5] Leo Hardiman; circa 1934

Note: in 1935 George Hardiman was engaged in the Cod Fishery. After his wife died, Philip George Hardiman married Jessie Miles, daughter of Eli Miles and Lydia Buffett, and widow of Thomas Wells.

Parents & Siblings of Thomas Skinner

      Born: circa 1810
      Died: 1894 at Grand John
      Spouse: Ruth
      Born: 1819
      Died 1893 at Grand John
           [1] James Skinner; born circa 1852, Hare Harbour; married in 1881 Elizabeth Kearley (born circa 1857 of Edward and Ann; died 1883, at 26, Harbour Mille); daughter Martha Jane (born around 1886; married in 1904 John Francis Herritt, 20, of John)
           [2] George Skinner; born Hare Harbour; baptized 1860
           [3] Martha Skinner; born Hare Harbour; baptized 1860; died at Hare Harbour in 1873, at 16, buried at St. Jacques
           [4] Noah Skinner; born Hare Harbour; baptized 1860; died 1866, aged 5
           [5] Matilda Skinner; born Hare Harbour; born 1864; married in 1885 at 21 William Kearley of Edward and Ann
           [6] Thomas Skinner; born Hare Harbour; born 1865, baptized 1866; married Elizabeth Matthews

(Note: Thomas and Ruth may also have had a daughter Ann. She married in 1855 John (probably Jonathan) Tibbo. Their daughter Madeline Tibbo of Hare Harbour, born around 1856, married in 1872 Samuel Chalker, 28, of Samuel and Ann, Bay East or Burin. Witnesses were James Skinner, Jane Holman and Elizabeth Tibbo. It is hard to tell for sure who Ann was, but the fact that they were at Hare Harbour and Grand John points to the probability that she was another daughter of Thomas and Ruth.)

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