Elizabeth Caines of Kish

The Story of Elizabeth Caines

It now seems fairly certain that Elizabeth Caines of Bay du Nord was a daughter of Kish Caines and either Esther or Ann. There are several reasons for believing this:

  • The dates fit;
  • She named her second son Kish, an unusual and seldom-used name; many couples named the second son after the mother’s father;
  • Two of her children, John Henry and Maria, witnessed the wedding of William Thomas Caines, son of Jacob, in 1908.
  • If Elizabeth was indeed Kish’s daughter, Jacob was her brother and their children were first cousins. Jacob also had a daughter Elizabeth.
  • Kish and family were at Rencontre in 1878 but by 1894 he was living at Bay du Nord. When he moved to Bay du Nord is unknown.
  • No marriage record has been found for Elizabeth but her first known child was born at Bay du Nord in 1882 and there is no doubt that she married there. Her spouse, Henry Hillier, moved from St. Lawrence to Bay du Nord so that is obviously where they met. It seems, therefore, that Kish, now in his early 60’s, finally put down roots and stayed in one place.

CAINES, Elizabeth [‘Betsy’]
      Born: April 1856 [1921 census] or circa 1858, Bay du Nord [death record]
      Died: 16 June 1927, Bay du Nord, age 69; cause Diabetes, attended by Dr. Conrad Fitzgerald, buried Bay du Nord by J.R. Davies
      Father: [Kish Caines]
      Mother: Esther Osborne or Ann Unknown
      Spouse: Henry Hillier
      Born: circa 1865, St. Lawrence
      Died: 23 March 1917, Bay du Nord, of Heart Failure, age 62; buried Bay du Nord by Gordon S. Templeton
      Father: Henry Hillier [signed his name as Hillyer]
      Mother: Mary Lambert
           [1] John Henry Hillier; born 13 July 1882 at Bay du Nord; baptized 23 August 1882 by W.A. Haynes
           [2] Kish Hillier; born 17 July 1885 at Bay du Nord; baptized 31 August 1885
           [3] William George Hillier; born 21 January 1888 at Bay de North Brook; baptized 01 June 1888 by W.A. Haynes; drowned 30 June 1902, at Pool's Cove; age 14, fisherman; body not recovered
           [4] Maria Hillier; born 26 February 1893 at Pool's Cove; baptized 29 March 1893 by John Squires

- It appears that Henry Hillier was one of four brothers who went to Bay du Nord from St. Lawrence. The other three were William, George and John. George appears to have died before 1898; Henry in 1917; and William between 1921 and 1935. John seems to have been the sole surviving brother and, at the age of 80, was still at Bay du Nord in 1945. It has been suggested that the Hilliers of St. Lawrence originally came from Dorset.
- Sources indicate that Elizabeth was ‘of Pool’s Cove’ but the death record shows that she was born at Bay du Nord. However, that, too, could be an error. Sometimes people live in a place long enough that it is just assumed they were born there.

Descendants of John Henry Hillier

HILLIER, John Henry
      Born: 13 July 1882 at Bay du Nord; baptized 23 August 1882 by W.A. Haynes
      Father: Henry Hillier
      Mother: Elizabeth Caines
      Married: 22 February 1911 at Bay du Nord, by H.J.A. McDermott; witnesses: Thomas J. Benton, Ellen Matthews, Adam Cluett and Elizabeth Reeves
      Spouse: Caroline [Matthews] Lawrence
      Born: 30 July 1885, Bay du Nord; baptized 31 August 1885, by W.A. Haynes
      Father: George Matthews [born Burin, April 1850]
      Mother: Mary Ings Perham [born Burin, May 1856]
           [1] Ellen Hillier; born December 1904, Bay du Nord
           [2] Charles Hillier; born October 1909, Bay du Nord
           [3] Martha Hillier; born March 1912, Bay du Nord
           [4] Mary Hillier; born August 1916, Bay du Nord
           [5] Loren Nauss Hillier; born July 1921, Bay du Nord; married Irene Rose [of Belleoram Roses] and went to Fortune [probably named after his Aunt Maria’s husband, Loren Nauss Cluett of Belleoram]
           [6] Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ Hillier
           [7] Enos Hillier [had son Charles who also went to Fortune]

- At 19, Caroline married 26-year-old fisherman Joseph Henry Lawrence, on 26 November 1903 at Bay du Nord. Caroline was a widow when she married John Henry Hillier.
- It is obvious that Caroline had two children from her first marriage: Ellen [1904] and Charles [1909]. It would seem that after their mother married, both children took the name of Hillier.
- In 1935, John Henry and his family were living in a four-room house valued $200 at Bay du Nord. Engaged in the cod fishery, he had earned $59 in the previous year. Sons Charles and Nauss were also engaged in the cod fishery.
- Ellen [Lawrence] Hillier married Jacob George Mullins, Sr., Rencontre East but had no children. Jacob, the son of Richard and Fanny of Rencontre East, was Mate on a steamboat. Jacob and Ellen were still at Rencontre in 1945.
- Charles [Lawrence] Hillier married Geraldine. In 1945 they were at Bay du Nord and had niece Clara Lace living with them.

Descendants of Kish Hillier

      Born: 17 July 1885 at Bay du Nord; baptized 31 August 1885
      Father: Henry Hillier
      Mother: Elizabeth Caines
      Married [1]: 01 November 1913, Belleoram, by A.E. Tulk; witnesses: Adam Cluett and Maria Hillyer
      Spouse: Sarah Pike
      Born: circa 1890, St. Lawrence [married at 23]
      Died: 30 March 1915, at Bay du Nord, of Tuberculosis, age 24, born St. Lawrence, buried Bay du Nord by Hugh J.A. MacDermott

      Married [2]: 01 February 1916, at Bay du Nord, by G. Templeton; witnesses: George T. Baker and Mary Rose
      Spouse: Elizabeth Matthews
      Born: 06 August 1891, Bay de Nord; baptized 27 September 1891 by W.A. Haynes
      Father: George Matthews
      Mother: Mary Unknown
           [1] Edith Hillier; born August 1919, Bay du Nord

- Kish’s widowed mother, Elizabeth Hillier, age 65, was living with him in 1921.
- In 1935 Kish and his family lived in a four-room house, worth $200, at Bay du Nord. He was engaged in the cod fishery and had earned a total of $90 in the previous year.
- Kish and his brother, John Henry, appear to have married sisters – Caroline and Elizabeth.
- In Kish’s first marriage record, the name Hillier could easily be mistaken for Miller, the English-style writing makes the ‘H’ appear like an ‘M’. Also, one of the witnesses was Maria ‘Hillyer’, who was Kish’s sister.

Descendants of Maria Hillier

      Born: 26 February 1893 at Pool's Cove; baptized 29 March 1893 by John Squires
      Father: Henry Hillier
      Mother: Elizabeth Caines
      Married: 10 January 1917, at Belleoram, by Gordon S. Templeton; witnesses: Abner M. Cluett and Maria Dicks
      Spouse: Loren Nauss Cluett
      Born: 19 September 1892, Belleoram; baptized 23 October 1892 by W.A. Haynes
      Father: Edward Cluett
      Mother: Martha Unknown
           [1] Nina Cluett; born 31 August 1928, Belleoram; died 06 December 1928; cause: inflammation of bowels, attended by Dr. Fitzgerald; buried by James R. Davies, St. Lawrence Anglican Cemetery, Belleoram [headstone data: Daughter of Lorin N. and Maria]
           [2] Vivian Cluett; born circa 1922
           [2] Loren Nauss Cluett

- Although Maria’s place of residence was given as Belleoram on her marriage record, in the 1921 census her birth place is listed as Bay du Nord.
- In 1921 Martha Cluett, widow, born March 1853, age 68, was living with her son Loren Nauss and his family at Belleoram.
- In 1935, Loren Nauss was employed as a Pilot and Seaman. Loren, his wife, and two children lived in a 6-room house valued as $1,000. Their first child, daughter Nina, was already deceased.

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