Other Descendants of Richard Banfield

      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Jane Pardy
      Married: Esther Moulton
           [1] Richard Banfield; baptized 1848
           [2] James Banfield; circa 1849 (married in 1872 Berthana Johnson).
           [3] Henry Banfield; March 1851; baptized 1852
           [4] Esther Banfield; 1854 (died at ten days)
           [5] Margaret Banfield; 1856
           [6] Jane Banfield; baptized 1860
           [7] Victoria Banfield; baptized 1862

Note: George Banfield and his family lived at Garnish.

      Born: March 1851, Garnish; baptized 1852
      Died: before 1935
      Father: George Banfield
      Mother: Esther Moulton
      Spouse: Jane
      Born: July 1861, Harbour Mille
           [1] William Banfield; June 1896

      Born: June 1896
      Father: Henry Banfield
      Mother: Jane “Jennie”
      Spouse: Mary
      Born: September 1900, Grand Beach
           [1] Emma Beulah (Annie) Banfield; January 1921, Garnish
           [2] Lydia Myrtle Banfield; circa 1925
           [3] Mamie Alice Banfield; circa 1931

Note: In 1921 William, his wife, and one daughter were living with his father and mother. By 1935, his father, Henry, was deceased and William was head of the household. William was engaged in the cod fishery and their five-room house was valued at $500. “Jennie”, a widow at 74, was still living with William and his family.

BANFIELD, Elizabeth
      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Jane Pardy
      Spouse: Benjamin Lawrence
      Born: Bay L’Argent
           [1] Benjamin Lawrence; 1835; married Sarah Hickman Harris of Grand Bank
           [2] Charlotte Lawrence; 1836 (apparently married Robert Banfield)
           [3] Stephen Lawrence; 1842/44; married in 1868 Mary Ann Thornhill (born 1848 of Robert and Sarah Thornhill of Bay L’Argent)
           [4] Elizabeth Lawrence; married in 1856 William Pardy
           [5] Thomas Lawrence; married Ann

      Born: 1842 or 1844
      Father: Benjamin Lawrence
      Mother: Elizabeth Banfield
      Married: 1868
      Spouse: Mary Ann Thornhill
      Born: 1848
      Father: Robert Thornhill of Bay L’Argent
      Mother: Sarah
           [1] Robert Lawrence; baptized 1869; married Hannah Thornhill (of James and Mary Ann); children: Freeman; Stanley (married Marjorie ); Carrie (married Bill Moyles), Halifax; and Hettie (died around 2001), who married Neil Banfield – parents of Bert, Melvin and Cora Banfield. Mrs. Cora (Banfield) Perry went to Nova Scotia and now lives in Bay L’Argent.
           [2] Benjamin Lawrence; baptized 1871
           [3] Julia Lawrence; baptized 1875.

LAWRENCE, Benjamin
      Born: 1835
      Died: 1870, drowned
      Father: Benjamin Lawrence
      Mother: Elizabeth Banfield
      Spouse: Sarah Hickman Harris
      Born: 1840
      Died: 1895
      Father: Thomas Harris from England
      Mother: Eleanor Ann (Hickman) Foote (Eleanor Ann’s first husband was Thomas Foote.)
      Father: John Hickman Jr.
      Mother: Sarah Forsey
           [1] Elizabeth Lawrence; born 1863; died 1950; married in 1886 James Woundy (born 1853, Burin; died 1906, Grand Bank); children: : Julia Lawrence Woundy, 1889-1960, the eldest; Emma Louise Woundy, 1891-1986 (died Toronto); Hilda Woundy, 1894 (not married); and Benjamin Lawrence Woundy, 1895 – died of influenza in 1918
           [2] Julia, born August 13, 1868 (married George Patten – son Clayton Patten)
           [3] Samuel, 1866-1867
           [4] Esther Jane Foote, 1870-1870.

Note: Julia Lawrence Woundy, teacher at North Harbour, Placentia Bay, married in 1908 William Reid of North Harbour (circa 1890-February 10, 1953) and had: Evelyn, James, Benjamin and Clarive. (Julia and William Reid are buried in the Pentecostal Cemetery, North Harbour.) Clarice Reid married a Perry. Evelyn Reid, born 1909, married William Barrett. (Mrs. Elizabeth Woundy died at North Harbour – was with her daughter Julia. Emma Louise Woundy married in 1927 John Albert Edward Snider, Toronto. Both are buried at York Cemetery, Willowdale, Ontario. Their daughter Betty Louise Snider, born 1929, married in 1952 at St. Clair United, Toronto, Donald Ralph Meikle and they had Katherine Margaret Meikle, born 1952; Nancy Elizabeth Meikle, born 1956. Nancy Meikle married Kelly Andrew Schnurr in 1979 at Willowdale United, Willowdale, Ontario and had Brittany Anne Schnurr and Robert Warren Schnurr (1985). Nancy also had Carina Rose Meikle – Mousseau.

      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Jane Pardy
      Spouse: Philip Grandy
      Father: Charles Grandy
      Mother: Ann Anstey
           [1] George Samuel Grandy; baptized 1861
           [2] Andrew Joseph Grandy; baptized 1865
           [3] Henry Thomas Grandy; baptized 1867

GRANDY, George
      Born: August 1861, Garnish
      Father: Philip Grandy
      Mother: Susan Banfield
      Spouse: Elizabeth
      Born: September 1864, Garnish
           [1] Thomas Grandy; December 1895, Garnish; married Annie
           [2] Robert Grandy; January 1900, Garnish
           [3] Annie Grandy; August 1904, Garnish

Note: George Samuel Grandy, aged 74, was retired in 1935, of the United Church faith, and living in his own five-room house, which was valued at $700. Son Thomas Philip, engaged in the cod fishery, was living in his own six-room house, valued at $700, and also of the United Church faith.

      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Jane Pardy
      Married: 1847 at Belleoram; witnesses John and Samuel Grandy
      Spouse: James Grandy
           [1] Abraham Grandy; baptized 1861
           [2] Margaret Jane Grandy; baptized 1863
           [3] James Henry Grandy; baptized 1867

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