More Clarke Relatives

CLARKE, William
      Born: circa 1877
      Father: Samuel Clarke (born England)
      Mother: Ann Green
      Spouse: Hannah (Christianna, according to 1935 census) Walters
      Born: circa 1886
           [1] Charles Clarke, born circa 1907
           [2] Mary Jane Clarke, 1907; (married Charles Kearley, born circa 1899, of Grand Le Pierre; children Selina, circa 1922 and Irene, circa 1933)
           [3] Freeman Clarke, born circa 1911; (married Maud Miles)
           [4] Thomas William Clarke, born circa 1917
           [5] Henry Clarke, born circa 1919; (married Irene Clarke)
           [6] Gordon Clarke, born circa 1922
           [7] Daisy Clarke, born circa 1926
           [8] Irene Clarke (married George Fizzard of Grand Le Pierre)
           [9] Selina Clarke
           [10] Albert Clarke (married Gladys ?)

Note: Were Charles and Mary Jane a twin, or is one of the birthdates an error?

      Born: circa 1877
      Father: Samuel Clarke
      Mother: Ann Green
      Spouse: Emily Miles
      Born: circa 1875
      Father: John Miles of Terrenceville
      Mother: Ann ?
           [1] Edith Clarke, born circa 1915; married Simeon Clarke, born circa 1912; son Gerald, born circa 1934/5, (10 months at time of 1935 census)
           [2] Emily Clarke, born circa 1917; (married Reginald Thornhill; children Clyde, Donald and Reginald)
           [3] Caroline Clarke, born circa 1919; (married Frank Thornhill, brother of Reginald)
           [4] Elias Clarke (married Lucy Baker of Harbour Mille) (drowned at Ragged Point, along with his father John)
           [5] Ida Clarke (married James ?Brown; he drowned)
           [6] Samuel Clarke
           [7] John Thomas Brown (adopted), born circa 1931
           [8] Stella Brown (adopted), born circa 1933

CLARKE, Charles
      Born: 1879 (22 when married)
      Father: Samuel Clarke
      Mother: Ann Green
      Spouse: Mary Miles (19 when married) (sister of Emily?)
      Born: circa 1882
      Father: John Miles of Terrenceville
      Mother: Ann ?
           [1] Stanley Clarke, born circa 1903 (married [1] Jane Cluett, daughter of Stephen Matthew Cluett of Frenchman’s Cove and Rosanna Buffett of Fortune) (after Stanley’s death, Jane married George N. Collier of Fortune)
           [2] Simeon Clarke, born circa 1912; (died around 1998) (married Edith Clarke of John)
           [3] James Clarke, born circa 1918; died around 1871 at age 54; (married Jessie Dinah Thornhill of Fortune; had son Charles John Clarke who married Meta Foote and lives at Fortune)
           [4] Janet Clarke (adopted), born circa 1922
           [5] Blanche Clarke; (married Edward Thornhill of George, had son Max)

      Born: circa 1887
      Father: Samuel Clarke
      Mother: Ann Green
      Spouse: John Thomas Williams
      Born: circa 1883, Pool's Cove
           [1] Chesley Williams, circa 1903
           [2] Stanley Williams, circa 1913
           [3] Mabel Williams, circa 1916
           [4] Neil Williams, circa 1922
           [5] Wilson Williams, circa 1923
           [6] Winnifred Williams, circa 1924
           [7] Edison Williams, circa 1935 (age 8 months when living with grandparents, Samuel and Ann, in 1935) (As an adult, Edison moved to Nova Scotia where he worked with the power company and often ‘moonlighted’ as an entertainer.)

Note: John Tom Williams was with Berkley Nurse the night Berkley received an accidental gunshot wound to his foot.

      Born: circa 1891
      Father: Samuel Clarke
      Mother: Ann Green
      Spouse [1]: Annie Byrd of Fortune
      Died: 1928 (no children)

      Spouse [2]: Evelyn Roberts of Bay du Nord
      Born: circa 1910 (married at 23)
           [1] Irene Clarke, born circa 1931
           [2] Mary Ann Clarke, born circa 1933; (married Gerald Kirby)

      Spouse [3]: Matilda Clarke (cousin)
      Born: circa 1910
           [1] Angus Clarke, died of cancer (married Emily Banfield)
           [2] George Clarke, died of cancer; (married Mary Kirby)
           [3] Merrill Clarke (married Myrtle Follett of Labrador City)
           [4] Neil Clarke

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