Our Caines Roots

KEEN, Joseph
      Spouse: Susanna Unknown
           [1] Ester Keen; born 1668, Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire, England
           [2] Rebeckah Keen; born 1670, Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire, England
           [3] Joseph Keen; born 1672, Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire, England
           [4] James Keen; born 1674, Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire, England

      Spouse: Mary Unknown
           [1] James Jubal Khanes, reportedly baptized 19 July 1690 at Stourton, Wiltshire, England


  • It is uncertain which of these couples may have been the parents of our known ancestor, James Caines. James was reportedly baptized 1690 at Stourton, Wiltshire but no confirmation of this fact has been found. The names Keen, Khanes, Caines, etc. are all interchangeable.
  • James, son of Joseph and Susanna Keen, was born 1674 at Maiden Bradley, very close to Stourton. The birth year would be about right for James’s first child was christened in 1700, at which time James would have been about 26 years old, and James named his first son Joseph. It was customary to name the first son after the father’s father.
  • James Jubal, son of Jacob and Mary Khanes, was supposedly baptized in 1690. In order for this to be our ancestor, he would have been a teenager of about 15 when he was baptized. Our James did name a son Jacob, but it was the third – one of a twin – not the first, as was the custom.
Points to consider:
  • The dates would be about right as James Keen would have been about 27 when his first child, Mary, was christened;
  • James Keen named his first son Joseph – it was customary to name the first son after the father’s father;
  • It would explain why there does not appear to be a baptism record for James in the Stourton area; and
  • Maiden Bradley and Stourton are in close proximity.
James and Sarah had two daughters named Mary, one who died young, so it is possible that Mary was the name of Sarah’s mother. William, the second son, may have been called after Sarah’s father. Jacob and Abraham were typical Bible names – continuing a tradition? Joseph and Susanna of Maiden Bradley apparently chose all biblical names for their children – Ester, Rebeckah, Joseph and James. The names Susanna, Ester and Rebeckah do not appear in James’ descendants, but he had only two daughters. If descendants of Ester, Rebeckah or Joseph could be found, the names may be continued in their families.

Maiden Bradley is fairly close to Stourton and many people moved around, possibly following the availability of work. It is not inconceivable, therefore, nor even unlikely, that James Keen may have moved away from home as he grew up. Then again, Joseph may have moved to Stourton while his children were still quite young. The possibility of this being the same James Caines is exciting as it would take our ancestry back one more generation! However, further research is needed in this area.

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