Anne Matthews-Lawrence Family

Benjamin and Stephen Lawrence, probably brothers, were at Bay L’Argent in early times. (Benjamin named a son Stephen and Stephen had a grandson Benjamin.)

LAWRENCE, Benjamin
      Spouse: Elizabeth Banfield
      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Jane Pardy
           [1] Benjamin Lawrence, born 1835 (married Sarah Hickman Harris of Grand Bank)
           [2] Charlotte Lawrence, 1836
           [3] Stephen Lawrence, 1844 (married in 1868 Mary Ann Thornhill, born 1848 of Robert and Sarah Thornhill of Bay L’Argent)
           [4] Elizabeth Lawrence (married William Pardy in 1856)
           [5] Thomas Lawrence (married Anne Matthews)

      Born: born July 1831, Bay L'Argent; baptized 18 March 1835, St. Thomas Church of England Parish, St. John's
      Father: John Matthews
      Mother: Hannah Banfield
      Spouse: Thomas Lawrence
      Died: before 1921 (widow Annie was then living with son Abraham)
      Father: Thomas Lawrence
      Mother: Elizabeth Banfield (of Richard Banfield and Jane Pardy)
           [1] Harriet Lawrence, baptized 1860 (married Samuel Pardy)
           [2] Hannah Jane Lawrence, baptized 1866
           [3] Benjamin Lawrence, baptized 1868
           [4] John Lawrence, baptized 1871
           [5] Abraham Lawrence, born circa 1873, baptized 1874
           [6] Thomas Lawrence, baptized 1877

(NOTE: One source states that Abraham and John Lawrence drowned with Capt. George Lake in 1905. According to the 1921 Census, Abraham, a widower, was still living at Bay L’Argent in 1921 and his 90-year-old widowed mother, Annie, was living with him at that time. John was also still living up to 1945. So, who were the men that drowned in 1905?)

LAWRENCE, Benjamin (fisherman in Cod Fishery in 1935)
      Born: baptized 1868
      Spouse: Mary Ann ?
      Born: 1875
           [1] Jane Lawrence; born circa 1907; married a Good, widow in 1945; children: Elsie, circa 1929, and Edwin, circa 1933
           [2] Maurice Lawrence; born circa 1910 (fishermen in Cod Fishery in 1935)

(Note: In 1935 Benjamin and his son Maurice were both engaged in the Cod Fishery. In 1945 daughter Jane Good and her two children were living with Benjamin and Mary Ann at Bay L’Argent, but there was no evidence of Maurice in the community.)

      Born: July 1872, Bay L’Argent
      Father: Thomas Lawrence
      Mother: Anne Matthews
      Spouse: Bridget ?
      Born: May 1872, Baine Harbour
           [1] Teresa Lawrence, October 1899
           [2] Celestine Lawrence; July 1902
           [3] Lillian Lawrence, July 1904
           [4] Annie Lawrence, June 1906
           [5] Murdock Lawrence; December 1914

(Note: In 1935 John was listed as a labourer, doing odd jobs.)

      Born: circa 1873, baptized 1874 (23 when married)
      Father: Thomas Lawrence
      Mother: Anne Matthews
      Married [1]: 1896
      Spouse: Susan Hare
      Born: circa 1874 (22 when married)
      Died: between 1906 and 1921 [Abraham was listed as widower in the 1921 Census]
      Father: Samuel Hare, Coombs Cove
           [1] Rupert Lawrence, born September 1901
           [2] John B. Lawrence, born November 1904
           [3] Garfield Lawrence, born November 1906

(Note: No trace of Rupert, John B. or Garfield has yet been found in the census for 1935 or 1945 so they may have relocated.)

      Married [2]: between 1921 and 1927
      Spouse: Mary Frances ?
      Born: circa 1901 (27 years younger than her husband)
           [1] Cluny Marmaduke Lawrence; circa 1927
           [2] Harold Frank Lawrence; circa 1929
           [3] Boyd Woodrow Lawrence; circa 1931
           [4] Dora Vivian Lawrence; circa 1933
           [5] Lemuel William Lawrence; circa 1934
           [6] Russell Lawrence; circa 1939

(Note: In the 1935 census Abraham Lawrence was recorded as a Retail Merchant in a General Store. He had an eight-room house, valued at $600 and had a total income of $300 for the previous year. Also in 1935, 24-year-old Myrtle Whittle was employed as a “Domestic” with the family.)

LAWRENCE, Celestine
      Born: July 1902
      Father: John Lawrence
      Mother: Bridget ?
      Spouse: Susan Jane ?
      Born: circa 1912
      Died: before 1945
           [1] Delena Lawrence; circa 1938

(Note: Susan Jane apparently died between 1938 and 1945; daughter Delena was born around 1938 and Celestine was listed as a widower in 1945.)

      Born: July 1904
      Father: John Lawrence
      Mother: Bridget ?
      Spouse: George Newman Banfield
      Born: circa 1906
           [1] Ruby Mary Banfield; circa 1930
           [2] Winifred Hannah Banfield; circa 1932
           [3] George Newman Banfield; circa 1934
           [4] Marjorie Banfield; circa 1943

(Note: In the 1935 census George Newman Banfield was listed as a Retail Merchant of a General Store. He owned a seven-room house valued at $1,000, and his total earnings for the previous year was $1,000.)

      Born: December 1914
      Father: John Lawrence
      Mother: Bridget ?
      Spouse: Stella
      Born: 1919
           [1] Annie Lawrence; circa 1939
           [2] Winnifred Lawrence; circa 1941
           [3] Roy Lawrence; circa 1943

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