The Osbornes

OSBORNE, Unknown
           [1] Edward Osborne; died before 1857
           [2] Reuben Osborne; married Elizabeth [Thornhill?]
           [3] Jeremiah Osborne; married Elizabeth Unknown
           [4] John Osborne; married Elizabeth Unknown
           [5] Esther [Ann?] Osborne; perhaps born around 1827; married Kish Caines

      Died: before 1857
      Spouse: Elizabeth [Thornhill?]
      Born: around 1816, baptized 1819 at Grand Bank
      Died: 1902, age 86 at Old Woman’s Cove
      Father: William Thornhill?
      Mother: Ruth Unknown
           [1] Thomas Osbourne, circa 1843-1927
           [2] Emma Osbourne, baptized 1844 at Burgeo
           [3] William Osbourne, born around 1846/48
           [4] Esther Osbourne, born 1848
           [5] Sarah Osbourne, 1849-1865, who died at 16 at Femme, Fortune Bay, born Brunette
           [6] Jane Osbourne, born around 1852
           [7] Ann Osbourne, born circa 1856
           [8] James Osbourne

Note: After Edward's death, his widow, Elizabeth, married in 1857 widower William Green. They had three children: Elizabeth, 1857; Edward 'Ned' Robert, 1859; and Reuben, 1863. Edward was probably called after Elizabeth's first husband, Edward Osbourne.)

      Born: circa 1843/4
      Died: 17 December 1927, aged 83, Pool’s Cove
      Father: Edward Osborne
      Mother: Elizabeth [Thornhill?]
      Married [1]: 1866
      Spouse: Hannah Stone
      Father: Solomon Stone
           [1] Sarah Ann Osborne; born 1868; married in 1884 Charles Barnes of Harbour Mille [born 1860]
           [2] Edward George Osborne; born circa 1870; may have married [1] Esther Holley and [2] Elizabeth Jane Matthews

      Married [2]:
      Spouse: Ellen Unknown
      Died: 1938
           [1] Mary Elizabeth Osborne; born around 1881; married, at 19, on 04 December 1900 Reuben Elms, 21, witnesses Thomas Myles and Hannah Osborne
           [2] Hannah Osborne; married, at 17, Thomas Myles
           [3] Charles Osborne; born around 1878; married at 22, in 1900, Harriet Pardy of Little [Harbour?] East
           [4] William James Osborne; married at Grand Bank, Annie; children: Alice [1912], Lila [1915]
           [5] Alice Osborne; married George Robert Clarke
           [6] Thomas Ambrose Osborne; born around 1890; married [1] Margaret Rose Hann of Lamaline [died in childbirth], [2] Sarah Francis of Stone’s Cove, and [3] Pearl Green of Little Bay East

Note: Thomas Ambrose Osborne was 26 and Margaret Rose Hann was 21 when they married at Grand Bank in 1916.

      Born: circa 1844
      Died: 1889
      Father: Edward Osborne
      Mother: Elizabeth [Thornhill?]
      Married: 31 October 1863, witnesses Thomas Osborne and Mary Ann Pope
      Spouse: Robert Thornhill
      Born: circa 1831, married at 32
      Died: 1889
      Father: William Thornhill
      Mother: Ann/Hannah Hepditch
           [1] Edward William Thornhill; baptized 1868; moved to Bay of Islands
           [2] Ambrose Henry; born 1868; baptized 1870; died 1938; married Jane Slade, 1868-1937, from Baine Harbour, and they settled at Little Bay East
           [3] Levi Thornhill; baptized 1873; died 1942; married his first cousin Bethia Thornhill (daughter of James Thornhill and Mary Ann Price)
           [4] James Robert Thornhill; born 1877/78; drowned while fishing
           [5] Sarah Hannah Thornhill; baptized 1881; married Richard Goode, son of Samuel from Poole, Dorset
           [6] Susanna Lawrence Thornhill; baptized 1884; married Robert Smith of Placentia Bay
           [7] Elizabeth Jane Thornhill; baptized 06 June 1865 at Brunette; married (?Timothy) McCarthy from Terrenceville
           [8] John Thomas Thornhill; born before 11 August 1875
           [9] Captain Isaac Thornhill; born 1887; married Dinah Hickman Nicolle of Grand Bank and settled there.

Note: Emma moved to Little Bay East with her husband, Robert Thornhill, where he and Samuel Good are said to have been the first to settle in the community. What happened to Robert and Emma is not known but both died when Isaac was about two years old and Isaac then lived with his older brother Ambrose.

OSBORNE, William
      Born: 1846-1850
      Father: Edward Osborne
      Mother: Elizabeth [Thornhill?]
      Married [1]: 1870 at Grand Bank
      Spouse: Elizabeth Thornhill
      Born: circa 1847
      Died: 1896
      Father: George Thornhill
      Mother: Susanna Unknown
           [1] John Thornhill Osborne; born 1870; married in 1897 Esther Jane Burton [born 1878, Little Bay East; of Frederick Burden and Jane Osborne]; son Robert, born 1901 at Grand Bank
           [2] Hannah Osborne; born 1872
           [3] Susanna Osborne; born 1875
           [4] Edward Osborne; born 1877
           [5] Mary Osborne; born 1879
           [6] Tryphena Keeping Osborne; born 1882
           [7] Samuel Forsey Osborne; born 1884
           [8] George Henry Osborne; born 1886
           [9] Thomas Evans Osborne; born 1889

      Married [2]: 1879, Grand Bank
      Spouse: Sarah Tibbo
      Born: circa 1837, married at 42

      Born: 1848
      Father: Edward Osborne
      Mother: Elizabeth [Thornhill?]
      Married: 1866, Harbour Breton
      Spouse: Samuel Pardy of Harbour Mille
      Born: February 1836, married at 29
      Father: William Pardy
      Mother: Ellen [Eleanor?] Unknown
           [1] Sarah Pardy; born circa 1868, Harbour Mille; married [1] Unknown Barnes and [2] in 1895 Abraham Barnes, son of Giles

      Born: around 1852
      Father: Edward Osborne
      Mother: Elizabeth [Thornhill?]
      Married: 1872
      Spouse: Frederick Burden of Dorchester, Dorset, England
      Born: circa 1847, married at 25
      Father: Frederick Joseph Burden
      Mother: Maria Unknown
           [1] Esther Jane Burton; born 1878, Little Bay East
           [2] Sarah Ann Burton; baptized 1875 [baptized as Burden]

Note: Frederick Burden was literate and signed his name “Burden” on his marriage record, but some of his descendants later became known as “Burton.”

      Born: circa 1856
      Died: before 1879
      Father: Edward Osborne
      Mother: Elizabeth [Thornhill?]
      Married: 01 November 1876, Harbour Breton
      Spouse: Thomas Stone, widower
      Born: circa 1841/43
      Father: Thomas Stone of Gillingham, Dorset
      Mother: Louisa Unknown

Note: Thomas Stone, who was literate, married three times. His first wife, Mary Ann Poole, died, at 22, on 15 January 1876 and their infant son, Albert Aaron, died at Belleoram on 20 January 1876, at 10 days of age. Following Ann’s death, Thomas then married, at 36, in 1879, Susanna Breon, daughter of George, who, according to the 1921 Census was born at Mose Ambrose. In 1921 Thomas, aged 80, was living at Belleoram. He is said to have to come to Newfoundland around 1858.

      Father: Edward Osborne
      Mother: Elizabeth [Thornhill?]
      Married [1]:
      Spouse: Sarah
      Born: 1857
      Died: 04 July 1883
           [1] Edward James Osborne; baptized 30 July 1878; married on 09 January 1905 Ann Strowbridge, 31, widow, of English Harbour
           [2] John Denis Osborne; born 24 August 1882

      Married [2]: 1885
      Spouse: Emma [Moulton] Brownsey, widow
      Born: circa 1855, married at 30
      Father: George Moulton
           [1] William Robert Osborne; born 15 January 1886; baptized 20 May 1886; died at seven months

Note: In 1878 James Osborne was living at Doctor’s Harbour but in 1894 he was living at Old Woman’s Cove. It appears his mother Elizabeth (now Mrs. William Green, widowed again) was living with him. This family appeared to have been the only residents there.

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