Albert William Matthews of John

MATTHEWS, Albert William
      Born: January 1871, baptized 1873, New Harbour
      Father: John Matthews
      Mother: Jane Foote
      Married: 22 December 1890
      Spouse: Jane Hardiman
      Born: June 1866, Grand John
           [1] Arthur Matthews; born July 1891, Grand John
           [2] Sarah Jane Matthews; born 30 May 1891, Grand John

Note: In the 1935 census, Albert’s house was valued at $100. Son Arthur is listed as a fisherman, engaged in the Cod Fishery. His earnings for the previous year were $100. The 1935 census lists Albert and Jane both at age 75, and Arthur at 41. This would put the birth year for Albert and Jane at 1860, and Arthur at 1894. There is obviously some discrepancy because Arthur and Sarah Jane would not have been born just a couple of months apart.

HARDIMAN, James Thomas
      Born: circa 1831
      Died: 1927, age 96, at Harbour Breton
      Father: James Hardiman of Hauley, Shaftsbury, Dorset, England
      Mother: Mary ?
      Spouse: Eleanor “Ellen” Chiffey
      Born: circa 1836
      Father: John Chiffey
      Mother: Sarah ?
           [1] Jane Hardiman; christened 1867
           [2] Mary Ann Hardiman; christened 1867
           [3] John Hardiman; christened 1867
           [4] James Hardiman; christened 1867
           [5] Charles Hardiman; christened 1875
           [6] Thomas Hardiman; christened 1877
           [7] Elizabeth Eliza Hardiman, christened 1880
           [8] William Hardiman; born 30 July 1886; baptized 1889

      Born: christened 1867
      Father: James Thomas Hardiman
      Mother: Eleanor/Ellen Chiffey
      Married: 1883
      Spouse: Susanna Walters of Bay L'Argent
      Born: circa 1865 (married at 18)
           [1] Theresa Ellen Hardiman
           [2] John Thomas Hardiman, 04 May 1885
           [3] Elizabeth Jane Hardiman, 13 April 1887, baptized 1889 at Grand John
           [4] Alexander Hardiman, baptized 1892

      Born: christened 1875
      Father: James Thomas Hardiman       Mother: Eleanor/Ellen Chiffey
      Married [1]: 1901
      Spouse: Susanna Stewart
      Born: 1879
      Died: before 1904
      Father: John Stewart, Grand John

      Married [2]: 03 November 1904
      Spouse: Alice Wyndham Barnes
      Born: circa 1882 (married at 22)
      Father: William Barnes, Coombs Cove

HARDIMAN, Elizabeth Eliza
      Born: christened 1880
      Father: James Thomas Hardiman
      Mother: Eleanor/Ellen Chiffey
      Married: 25 October 1899
      Spouse: John Thomas Lye
      Born: circa 1876 (married at 23)
      Father: George Lye, Barasway de Plate

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