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Pool's Cove Shooting

The following special message to the Telegram with reference to the shooting affair at Pool's Cove, Fortune Bay, has been received from our correspondent at Belleoram.

BELLEORAM, Nov. 22, 1927
Special Evening Telegram,
In the early morning of the 21st, Charles A. Williams shot and killed Richard Nurse apparently at close range the full charge entering his left breast. There was no one present or near at the time of the shooting but from information gathered the cause was apparently from repeated quarrels. No other evidence up to the present.

(Reproduced from The Evening Telegram, November 23, 1927)

The shooting of Richard NURSE, by Charles A. WILLIAMS, an adopted son, was reported to the Justice Dept. on Tuesday last, by Magistrate Courage, of Belleoram. The affray took place at Poole's Cove, where both men lived. Nurse was shot through the left breast and died instantly. Certain domestic troubles are said to be the cause of the tragedy. Williams is an ex-naval reservist, he has been arrested and charged with murder.

(Reproduced from The Guardian, Bay Roberts, Friday, November 25, 1927)

Murder Trial Set for Monday Next

The Grand Jury considering the indictment charging Charles Anthony Williams with the murder of Richard Nurse, at Pool's Cove, returned a true bill on Tuesday afternoon.

The prisoner was arraigned this morning and his trial was set for Monday next, at 10 a.m.

A special jury with extra half panel has been ordered.

(Reproduced from The Evening Telegram, February 16, 1928)

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