Song Written by Jacob Bambury

ďThis song was written by Jake Bambury of Poolís Cove. Many years ago he taught school in Andersonís Cove. He was good at the old organ, could play most anything.Ē

The Captain by name of the Gypsy
Took a trip down to St. Johnís
With a load of fish from Belleoram
But he didnít stay there very long

He left St. Johnís on a Wednesday
He was ten days coming or more
And they tied up their sails in Belleoram
And the happy crew went ashore

His ghost wheels the barrow
Through streets long and narrow
Singing ĎCockles and mussels
Alive, alive-oí

They stayed there all day Sunday
And they stayed there all that night
They had a few drinks from the bottle
And it raised an awful fight

Lem Brown was on the wharf with his doggie
He was known by the name of Prince
Sidney Poole kicked the dog into the water
And they havenít seen him since

ĎWhat the heck are you doing?í said Lem
Not a word was offered to speak
Ernest Rose walked along to the skipper
And gave him a pat on the cheek

And when the fight was over
They all had a shiny nose
They left Belleoram next morning
And bound for Andersonís Cove

They got there in the evening
And they all sang Happy Birthday to Andersonís Cove
And do you know why?
Because Andersonís Cove is a rocky place
And the hills are very high
But the people are good in Andersonís Cove
And that is not a lie

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