Our Family Tree
Enter Enter My Family Tree
It has more roots than you can see,
This old and sturdy family tree;
The roots have spread throughout the years,
Its branches now reach far and near;
Each time I dig, I always find
More limbs and branches of some kind;
We're all part of its history -
This old and sturdy family tree.

When I began working on my family tree/history, I had no idea it would become such a time-consuming passion. I suppose if I stuck with names and dates it would be simpler, but I have tried to learn as much as possible about where my ancestors lived and what the living conditions were like in their time, which involves researching and reading a lot of history. It also depends on a great deal of help from others – close family members and newly-discovered relatives. I am grateful to all for their help. However, as everyone who has ever attempted to do a family tree knows, the deeper you dig the wider the tree expands – and so the search continues…

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