Ever Elvis

Elvis' Moves

When Elvis Presley came along
The whole world was his stage,
His impact on the music scene
Exploded in a rage.

They criticized the way he moved,
They called him swivel-hips,
Said he was vulgar on the stage,
And mocked his curling lip.

The critics and the censors said
That he would not last long,
But he's become a household word
And he's still going strong.

He feels the rhythm of his songs,
His body keeps the beat,
The music is what moves his soul,
While fans fall at his feet.

All those who love him understand
He's here with us to stay,
His talent and his golden voice
Will never fade away.

Now Elvis Presley is the King,
The critics could not stop
The progress of a rising star;
He's reached the very top.

© 1966, Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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