Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

Your Face

Your face that always wore a smile,
In death is peaceful and so still.
Will I forget it in a while?
No, I know I never will.

In my dreams you had remained
As you were when so full of fun,
But now I fear that may have changed
And the nightmares have begun.

The lips that used to smile so much,
The deep-set eyes of sparkling blue;
So many wanted just to touch
Your hand, and get close to you.

Now as I look upon your face,
Pale skin against the dark hair;
And searching only for a trace
Of life but none is there.

And gazing now with dimming sight,
I sadly realize the truth;
Ive lost the hero of my life,
The golden idol of my youth.

Your face, which millions loved to see
Smiling, is now calm and serene;
Your face will always be with me
In my heart and in my dreams.

© 1977 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

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