Ever Elvis

Who Can Say

Who can say what might have been
If Elvis had not died,
If we were not now feeling
The hurt we feel inside?

Would he have been as happy
As we wished he could be,
Would his dear handsome face
Still smile at you and me?

Would he have known good health,
Free from hurt and pain;
Or would there have been heartache,
With tears that fell like rain?

How long could he have stood
The public life he lived,
Would the day have come when he
Had nothing left to give?

So who can say what might have been
If he were with us now,
Would he have ever fallen
From his throne somehow?

Ever Elvis
Ever Elvis

No, that would never happen,
For a million years from here
The music that he gave will still
Be sweet to someone’s ear.

Who can say what might have been,
What heights he might have climbed;
The good Lord needed Elvis –
This we must bear in mind.

We know he always would have been
The King in many eyes,
There’d be no limit to the height
Of fame to which he’d rise.

The fans who loved him loyally
Would still stand proud and strong,
And fiercely fight with anyone
Who tried to do him wrong.

So all these things we’ll never know,
We wonder deep inside;
For who can say what might have been
If Elvis had not died.

© 1977 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

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