Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

Through The Years With Elvis

You captured our hearts, yes, our very souls,
When you became King – King of rock ‘n’ roll.
And through the years we were always true,
Steadfast and loyal in our love for you.

Happily, somehow something changed and then
You were more than an idol – you became a friend.
We sent cards and letters on those special days,
Though we knew that you couldn’t answer always.

Yet you were the one we loved above all,
And by our devotion we helped you stand tall.
Through all your success (to some it is strange)
You remained a good man and you didn’t change.

You still found a way your thank-you to show,
The films, concerts, music were done for us – we know.
Yes, you gave your thanks but we also thank you
For a friendship we cherished as we know you did too.

So now at the end, how great is our loss,
The pleasure you gave us – how great was the cost.
But still we’ll continue our praise just the same,
Keep your music alive and also your name.

© 1977 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

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