Ever Elvis

There Was A Child

There was a child,
A special child,
Was placed into this world;
This golden boy
Gave hope and joy
And love to all the world.

A gift he had,
His mom and dad
Knew he was special too;
For when he sang
The heavens rang
With good vibrations through.

For many years
Through joy and tears
He used his gift of song;
And many were
The followers
Whose hearts to him belonged.

But time comes when
All things must end
And came that awful day;
With shock and grief
And disbelief
They heard the news that day.

Ever Elvis
Ever Elvis

Lord, how they cried
The day he died,
While angels sang for joy;
He had come home
To claim his own,
This special golden boy.

They did rejoice
As his sweet voice
Joined in the heavenly band;
With smiling face
He took his place
There in the Promised Land.

A mansion fair
Awaited there
Which now would be his home;
While down below
The tears did flow
From those who felt alone.

It hurt a lot
For they could not
Begin to understand;
The reason why
Their golden boy
Was taken from their hands.

With tender smile
This special child
Looked down upon their pain;
My dearest friends,
Itís not the end,
One day weíll meet again.

I know youíre sad
And hurting bad,
You may be lonely too;
But time will heal
The pain you feel
And God will guide you through.

Your loyalty
Meant much to me,
I know your love was true;
Remember me
But donít cry for me,
You know I loved you too.

There was a child,
A special child,
With whom our lives were graced;
A golden boy
Who brought such joy,
Heíll never be replaced.

© 1981 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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