Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

The Life Of Our Hero

In the year of nineteen thirty-five
To a couple was born a baby boy,
The proud parents loved their little son,
Who brought happiness to them and joy.

We know they named him Elvis Aron,
And that his life was not an easy one,
The family was poor but they had love;
The tale of our hero had begun.

They left Tupelo, Mississippi
To settle down in Memphis, Tennessee;
It turned out to be the perfect place,
The place where our golden boy should be.

And then in nineteen fifty-four,
When Elvis was driving a piek-up truck,
He went to Sam Phillips’ Sun Studios
And made a record that cost him four bucks.

‘That’s All Right’ has become a classic,
Like many other records he has made;
Wealth and fame since that time he’s had;
He was good enough to make the grade.

Since then there have been so many songs,
It’s hard to remember every one;
It would take a long while just to list
The gold and the platinum discs he’s won.

Now we come to nineteen fifty-six,
When our hero made his film debut;
‘Love Me Tender’ is a golden oldie
And it never fails to thrill you and me.

The films and the songs kept on coming,
We listened close to every little sound;
Elvis loved his fans as we loved him
And neither would let the other down.

And as the years kept on slipping by,
We know there were good times and also some bad;
For in the year of nineteen fifty-eight
The death of his mother for him was so sad.

Ever Elvis
Ever Elvis

In nineteen sixty-seven he wed Priscilla,
We wished them happy years without pain;
When his marriage ended in divorce
Elvis conquered sorrow once again.

We know that our hero’s pride and job
Is his only daughter, Lisa Marie;
And we know that his love is returned
Because she adores him – it’s plain to see.

In nineteen sixty-nine he returned
To Las Vegas to do a real live show,
Since that time his star is climbing still;
That we are behind him, Elvis knows.

Yes, Elvis is the hero of our lives,
Just the way he was in fifty-four,
Long as he keeps turning out the hits,
Which of us could ask for more?

And now I’d like to wish him all the best
In his personal life and his career,
May he have the best of all that’s good;
Because to his fans he is very dear.

© 1976 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

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