Ever Elvis

The King Will Live Forever

Tonight I sat alone and thought how different things would be,
If Elvis Presley had not been in this world for us to see.
He changed the world of music when he first sang rock ‘n’ roll,
And no one can dispute he played a most important role.

The critics said this Memphis kid was just a passing thing,
But as the years went by he was rock music’s only King.
He wiggled and he swayed his hips, inspiring love and hate;
The parents said ‘outrageous’ but the kids thought he was great.

But in truth that Memphis kid was a Southern gentleman,
He loved his family and his home, always said ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’.
Then he was called by Uncle Sam and parents sweetly smiled,
The kids would soon forget if he was absent for a while.

But when our soldier boy came home they got a big surprise;
For Elvis had grown up and now his star again did rise.
Then when he turned to Hollywood, the silver screen to grace;
Millions flocked to every film to see his smiling face.

Ever Elvis
Ever Elvis

But he was getting restless and the fans were restless too,
For making all these movies was all that he had time to do.
He wanted to come back again, get on a stage and sing,
And with his first show he did prove that he was still the King.

He wiggled and he swayed his hips and as he sang he smiled,
That Presley magic was still there – the audience went wild.
The kids who loved him years ago now brought their kids to see
The man who revolutionized our music history.

The love between the star and fans much stronger now did grow;
That it was not to last for long was something none could know.
For suddenly it ended and the swinging hips were still,
His voice was silent, gone the smile that gave us all such thrills.

So as I sit alone tonight one thing I’m certain of,
The name of Elvis will live on through his music and our love.
As on my stereo right now he sings Forget Me Never,
And if he’s asking, I can say the King will live forever.

© 1981 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

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