Ever Elvis

The Hand Of Death

The hand of death has taken
The one whom we loved so much,
Our love could not protect him
From its chilling, fatal touch.
It just reached out and grabbed him
One warm, sunny Memphis day,
Took life from our dear Elvis,
Then calmly went on its way.
The radio announcers
And the TV news crews too,
They spread the painful story,
We could not believe was true.
Then folks the whole world over
Shook their heads in disbelief,
And many of us then wept,
Not ashamed to show our grief.
Our hearts were sore and broken
For we could not understand,
Why Elvis should be taken
Away from our loving hands.

Ever Elvis
Ever Elvis

But if we’re really honest –
(We think of ourselves as such).
Were we just a bit too selfish?
Did we ask a bit too much?
Though Elvis kept on going,
For he loved to entertain,
It was for us that he did it
And never did he complain.
We did not know he suffered
Mental and physical pain,
Stalwartly he kept going,
With nothing but pleasure to gain.
The Bible says the Father
Moves in mysterious ways,
He knew much more than we did
About Elvis’ mortal days.

The time had come for Elvis
To answer the Lord’s command,
To leave this earthly platform
And sing in the angel band.
And God knew it would hurt us,
Those whose love was really true,
He knew how we’d miss Elvis,
But His love would help us through.
For Elvis was our hero,
Our knight in a suit of gold;
The love he showered on us
Was returned a thousand fold.
And now, with the help of God,
We will overcome the pain,
Until we meet in Heaven
And hear Elvis sing again.
No, we could not protect him,
The hand of death could not stay;
But our love won’t desert him,
No – not even for a day.

© 1979 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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