Ever Elvis

The God Theme

Two Thousand And One A Space Odessy
Was also known as The God Theme,
And only one man could have used it
To take us all into a dream.

The God Theme starts low, the tempo builds up
And the anticipation grows too,
For Elvis appeared just as the sound peaked
To sing his songs for me and for you.

Such beautiful music The God Theme.
For Elvis alone it seemed right,
And he sang out his heart for his fans
While our hearts soared like angels in flight.

He used The God Theme in his concerts,
Sweet music that now breaks our hearts;
For Elvis is singing in heaven
On a golden stage lit with stars.

Two Thousand And One A Space Odessy
Is still called The God Theme by some;
My heart pounds whenever I hear it
But the voice that I wait for is gone.

© 1983 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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