Ever Elvis

The ’77 Special

Two Thousand and One echoes out once more,
The crescendo builds and excitement soars;
For everyone knows at the peak of sound
Onto the stage Elvis Presley will bound.

With pounding heart I await the sight
Of this man in his jumpsuit of white,
For this is his third special on TV
And the closest thing to a ‘live’ show for me.

And in my heart there is apprehension
For this is nineteen seventy-seven,
And barely two months have passed since the day
That the one that we’re waiting for passed away.

Ever Elvis
Ever Elvis

Then he is there, greeting all in fine style,
With uplifted hands and a tender smile,
He turns to the band and then bursts into song;
I’m caught in the magic and carried along.

And he sings for us for one golden hour,
Showing that he still has the power
To hold our attention and thoughts as well,
And the joy that I feel, I never can tell.

Then on his face is a smile oh so sweet,
It thrills and warms me from head to feet;
Yet somehow it brings a chill – so cold
That it cuts the deepest part of my soul.

And he said ‘Until we meet you again,
Good bless you. Adios.’
I felt the pain.
For this I know was his final goodbye,
And I saw the end through misty eyes.

He sang ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’
And I knew in my heart every word was true;
Then he was gone, with a wave of his hand
And a special smile for all of his fans.

And in my heart there is such hurt and pain
For we will not see Elvis again;
Softly I whispered ‘Dear Elvis, goodbye.
I’ll cherish your legacy until I die.’

© 1977 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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