Ever Elvis

Thank You Elvis

Thank you, Elvis, thank you
From the bottom of my heart,
For the many happy hours
Before we had to part.

Thank you for the music
You gave us over the years,
We could sing along with you
And feel that you were near.

Songs like Love Me Tender,
Which you so softly crooned,
And then to Blue Suede Shoes
We’d rock around the room.

Thank you for the movies,
Your image on the screen,
As we sang and laughed with you,
Enjoying every scene.

Ever Elvis
Ever Elvis

Films like Blue Hawaii,
Jailhouse Rock
and King Creole,
All we wanted for you was
An Oscar-winning role.

Thank you for the memories
You gave to us, my friend,
Of the star and of the man –
We loved you to the end.

I never had the chance
To see you ‘live’ on stage,
But your effect on music
Is writ on history’s page.

Thank you, Elvis, thank you,
To you we will be true;
You will never be replaced,
Thank you for being you.

© 1977 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

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