Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

Taking Care Of Business

Taking care of business
Is what he used to say,
And taking care of Elvis
Is what we do each day.

Those who did not love him
Could never understand,
Why we always stood by him
And why we loved this man.

They could not feel the warmth
That came through in his voice,
The feeling that he really cared
Because he was our choice.

And so he reigned supreme,
Rock musicís only King,
And he gave up his freedom
To give us everything.

Alas, we did not dream
That one day heíd be gone,
Leaving us the legacy
Of his name to carry on.

Taking care of business,
No longer can he do,
And since he is not with us
Itís up to me and you.

© 1977 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

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