Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

Not Out Of Their Minds

Back in nineteen fifty-eight
You said something I recall,
Before you left for Germany
On the USS Randall.

Someone asked about your fans,
Since you would be gone from them,
If you had a special message
You would like to say to them.

And you answered, Yes, I would,
In a voice so soft and kind,
I知 going away and I値l be
Out of their eyes for some time.

We had known you would be going,
Leaving us so far behind,
Then you softly said, I hope
That I知 not out of their minds.

And we promised you that day
That our love would ever burn,
And we proved that it was true
On the day of your return.

Then that dreadful day did come
When you left us all alone,
Your time with us came to an end
When the good Lord called you home.

You致e been gone now from our sight
Many long and lonely years,
But you値l always be here with us
For your spirit痴 always near.

When I hear the haunting sound
Of your voice, I feel you near;
And the legacy you left us
To my heart is very dear.

We know it was not your choice
But the Lord knew it was time;
And I remember that you said I hope
That I知 not out of their minds

© 1985 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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