Ever Elvis


Memories of a man so good
whom few people understood,
so they talked about him,
lied about him,
as if he had a heart of wood;
Perhaps they thought he did not hurt
when they treated him like dirt,
but they knew him not
and loved him not
and cared not that their words were curt.

Ever Elvis
Ever Elvis

Memories of a man we know
lived for those whom he loved so
and he kept going on,
still going strong
until fate struck the final blow;
Up to the end he gave his all,
from his throne he did not fall
and though God above him
knew we loved him,
the time had come, God gave the call.

Memories of a tired man,
as he smiled and waved his hand
before he left the show
back home to go
and get what little peace he can;
Because home was the only place
to put contentment on his face
and for a little time
there he could find
peace and quiet a change of pace.

© 1977 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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