Ever Elvis

He Could

He could never have forseen,
When he came upon the music scene,
That folks around the world would know
And love Elvis Presley so;
He could not have known what fame would mean.

He could take a song and make it his,
With music and with songs he was a whiz,
The magic of his golden voice
Wove spells around those of his choice;
He could take a song and make a hit.

He could fill the biggest concert halls
In each performance he would give his all,
Joke and tease and laugh and sins,
With joy the very walls would ring;
He could draw the crowds without a call.

Ever Elvis
Ever Elvis

He could make a bad film a good thing
All he had to do was smile and sing,
If a movie we had got
With a good dramatic plot,
Then he could have been a movie King.

He could make you laugh or make you cry,
Make you feel contented, make you sigh,
If he felt sorrow you’d be sad,
If he was happy you’d be glad;
He could take your spirits low or high.

He could make you feel so special too
If he should smile or even wink at you,
The little things he often shared,
Then you knew he really cared;
He could make you happy, if you were blue.

He could thrill your heart with just a smile
And you would want to hold him for a while,
To give him love and comfort him
And tell him you belonged to him;
He could do all that with just a smile.

He could make you feel all weak inside
With one dark burning look from his blue eyes,
Send shivers up and down your spine
When he sang ‘Promise you’ll be mine’;
He could make you feel so good inside.

Then he made our whole world fall apart
He was the cause of many broken hearts,
How we all broke down and cried
When we heard that he had died;
For only he could break so many hearts.

© 1977, Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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