Ever Elvis

God's Gifted Child

God looked down upon the earth,
Shook his head in deep despair;
'This special, gifted child of mine,
Should be no longer there.

Those who claim to be his friends
Are but vultures in disguise,
And the way they use his friendship
Brings tears into his eyes.

This child has used his talent,
And it's brought him wealth and fame;
And everyone upon the earth
Knows him by his first name.

But he has not been selfish,
And with others he has shared;
Shared his love as well as riches,
Because he really cared.

Yet how some do abuse him,
And cause him grief and pain,
Though he has given them so much,
It all has been in vain.

Now those who really love him,
And whose love has always grown,
Will miss him sorely, but it's time
For Elvis to come home.'

© 2001, Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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