Ever Elvis

God Knew

How sad I was the day you left,
I was shocked, too numb to cry,
And grief overshadowed my entire world;
A million times I asked why.

Why should the Good Lord take away
A friend whom I loved so much,
Who seemed to reach out to me through his songs,
Till I felt that our souls could touch.

Why should God want to take away
The one who inspired in me
The determination to be myself,
Not what others think I should be.

The days that passed turned into weeks,
Though time seemed to go so slow,
Till at last, one day, I did realize
It was time for Elvis to go.

For God knew how he was feeling,
The tears that he tried to hide,
Disillusioned and hurt, the pain he felt,
He kept it all locked deep inside.

God knew Elvis had suffered enough,
And knew that he felt alone,
He knew it was time for Elvis to leave
And go to his heavenly home.

© F. Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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