Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

God-given Talent

His was a God-given talent,
For never a lesson was taught
To Elvis, the golden ‘boy wonder’,
For such talent could not be bought.

He had a voice straight from heaven
And all of the love in his heart
Came through when he sang Love Me Tender;
The world loved him right from the start.

He could sing rock with perfection,
Croon ballads in tones soft and low;
Whatever he sang we would listen
And our love continued to grow.

All the songs he sang were chosen
With consideration and thought,
So much special meaning was present
And many good feelings they brought.

His was a God-given talent,
A gift that he never used wrong;
He shared with so many his riches
And he shared his love in a song.

His was a God-given talent,
A fact that he never forgot;
To sing for his fans was his pleasure,
But he also sang to praise God.

Entertaining on stage was a pleasure
That he so greatly enjoyed,
From us all too soon he was taken
And his loss left a terrible void.

He was much more than an idol
And in our lives he played a big part,
He taught us to love one another
And taught us to give from the heart.

He was someone very special
And he was so willing to please
All those who were loyal and loved him,
For he knew their love would not cease.

His was a God-given talent,
A voice that made him stand tall,
And we should thank God now, for Elvis –
For he was a gift to us all.

© 1985 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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