Ever Elvis

And I Cry

More than two weeks have now passed,
the tension eases now at last,
and I cry;
I was numbed when I first heard,
such a shock, those awful words,
now I cry.

You knew me not but I knew you,
it seems that I grew up with you,
so I cry;
And though Iíll love you to the end,
I cry because Iíve lost a friend,
yes I cry.

And still your sweet voice lingers on,
what will I do now that youíre gone,
so I cry;
Your memory so dear to me,
from it I never will be free,
and I cry.

Yes, now I cry my unshed tears,
remembering the precious years,
yes, I cry;
I know that there are many who
will miss you even as I do,
and will cry.

To Elvis in his home above,
my thoughts are with you, and my love,
and I cry;
To everyone who loved him true,
my friends, I sympathize with you,
and I cry.

© 1977, Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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