Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

A Shining Star

A shining star once graced our lives
for forty-two short years,
But much too soon he left this world
and left his fans in tears.

He had a heart so full of love
and caring tenderness,
And when he sang his voice became
a gentle, sweet caress.

His golden voice was smooth as silk
and soft as morning light,
He had a smile to warm the soul
on a cold and frosty night.

His soft blue eyes shone with the glow
of all the love inside;
Our eyes were filled with salty tears
on the sad day that he died.

His name alone could open doors
in so many places,
Revealing there much happiness
and such friendly faces.

His precious voice and gentle smile
reached out and touched our hearts,
Then he was gone from us too soon –
the Elvis world fell apart.

There’ll never be another man
to fill his Blue Suede Shoes,
The love we shared was very rare,
a memory we won’t lose.

A shining star once touched our lives
and brought us so much joy,
His music is a legacy
that nothing can destroy.

© 1985 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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