Ever Elvis

A Legend Never Dies

You may have been a superstar
With the whole world at your feet,
Twenty-odd years at the top
And you never lost the beat;
You were the hero in my eyes
And a legend never dies.

How many hearts will mourn the loss
And how many souls are blue,
Now I know the grief they feel
Just because I loved you too;
It is for Elvis that I cry
But a legend never dies.

The healing power wrought by time
So far has passed me by,
I miss you just as much today
And sometimes I still cry;
Remembering, as I dry my eyes,
That a legend never dies.

Your music will go on and on,
I wish you hadnít gone just yet;
We will not let your memory fade
And we will not forget
How strong between us were the ties;
For a legend never dies.

© 1977, Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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