Ever Elvis

A Legend In His Time

Born in the back of a two-room shack
in nineteen thirty-five;
And on that day ‘neath the sun's bright ray
Elvis Presley did arrive.

And Gladys Love thanked the Lord above
and Vernon thanked him too;
For their boy-child with the tender smile
and the deep-set eyes of blue.

And as he grew with a heart so true
and filled with love so warm;
Now who could say there would come a day
he'd take the world by storm.

Four dollars now but he saved somehow
for Mama's birthday gift;
When three years passed something caught us fast
that gave our hearts a lift.

Ever Elvis
Ever Elvis

Sam Phillips said he's the boy I need
he's gonna be a star;
A local boy — parents' pride and joy
this boy is going far.

For in his mind he'd been trying to find
"white boy with black man's sound":
And Sam was right when "That's All Right"
soon turned the world around.

The love he had for his Mom and Dad
just made us love him more;
And in his soul there was rock ‘n' roll
we'd never known before.'

He passed the test and what happened next
is music history;
A household word throughout the world
The name Elvis Presley.

He's still the best and so all the rest
are copies of the King;
You can't resist that voice of his
whenever Elvis sings.

His handsome face found a lasting place
in your heart and in mine;
The time has come when he has become
a legend in his own time.

The scene has changed and it is so strange
the golden voice is still;
His eyes are closed in sweet repose-
forget? - we never will!

The end is here we cry our tears
Elvis, our King is gone;
But this is true I promise you
the legend will live on.

© 2001, Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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